Myths vs. Facts: 11 Pet Myths Set Straight

Myths vs. Facts: 11 Pet Myths Set Straight

As a pet owner or caretaker, there’s a good chance you’ve heard your fair share of pet “facts.” But do you know which of the common “facts are actually myths?

From dogs to cats to goldfish and more, we are here to break down 11 of the most common myths about your furry (and scaled) family members!

1.  Myth: Goldfish have a memory of only 3 seconds.


Fact: It turns out your goldfish doesn’t have the memory issues you may think it has. Scientists have found that goldfish can remember things that happened up to five months ago.


2. Myth: Dogs only see in black and white.

Fact: Dogs can see a limited range of colors, not just black and white. Their vision has been compared to a person with red-green color blindness. Dogs also have a tendency to be nearsighted!

Source: Cesar’s Way

3. Myth: Cats purr when they are happy.

Fact: Oftentimes, cats do purr when they’re happy. However, they also purr if they’re hurt, giving birth, or as a sign of friendship. Another fun fact: house cats can purr while larger cats like lions and tigers cannot!


4. Myth: Ferrets smell bad.

Fact: Unpleasant odors from ferrets usually come from improper care. If an owner bathes their ferret more than just once every few months and keeps the ferret’s cage clean, ferrets smell just fine!

Source: Pet’

5. Myth: You can’t put two hamsters in the same cage.

Fact: While some hamsters (such as Syrian hamsters) are very dangerous when put together, dwarf hamsters can be put in the same cage. Just be sure to introduce them at a young age and only put same sex hamsters together otherwise they will reproduce rapidly!

Source: Mom.Me

6. Myth: Guinea pigs are lazy.

Fact: Guinea pigs like to move just as much as other small pets. It’s important to give them an engaging and adequately sized living space for them to explore in order to keep them active and healthy.

Source: Guinea Pig Tube


7. Myth: Rabbits only love carrots; it’s their favorite food.

Fact: Rabbits love a variety of vegetables from celery to lettuce to parsley and more! They also like hay, pellets, and fruit as a treat, just be sure if you give them fruit to do so in moderation.

Source: My House Rabbit

8. Myth: Cats are solitary animals and always want to be alone.

Fact: Cats have actually been proven to show signs of separation anxiety. It’s important to play and interact with your cat every day in order to keep him or her happy and stress free.

Source: VetStreet

9. Myth: Dogs wag their tails when they are happy.

Fact: While a wagging tail can mean a dog is happy, it can also be a sign of agitation or excitement. Figuring out a dog’s mood depends on a variety of factors including the size of their pupils, whether or not their muscles are stiff, and if their ears are pinned forward or backward.

Source: Animal Planet


10. Myth: Cats hate water.

Fact: It’s true most cats hate baths, but cats find water fascinating. They often paw at running water and like drinking from it.

Source: PetFinder

11. Myth: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Fact: Dogs are perfectly capable of learning new tricks, such as sit, stay, and fetch, at any age. Sometimes it’s actually easier to teach older dogs new tricks than it is to train a puppy since older dogs have a greater ability to focus than puppies.


Any pet myths we’ve missed? Leave a comment and let us know!

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