Beat the Heat: Pet Style

While I enjoy a cute poolside Instagram post as much as the next person, summer isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Growing up in South Florida, nothing is worse than the high temperatures and brutal humidity. However, the days we spend with our toes in the sand or laying out by the pool makes the heat all worth […]

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Life Lessons From My Pets

Pets are thought of as companions and even family, but they can be much more. We learn so much from our pets without even realizing it, from simple life lessons to enormous feelings. I have learned a lot from my furry friends. I learned about responsibility. Having a pet means you need to care for someone else’s needs along with […]

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Six Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Kidney Stones

Everyone is susceptible to kidney stones, including our beloved canines. We all know how painful kidney stones and urinary tract infections are in humans, and can only imagine a similar pain dogs experience and how much vet bills cost. Understanding Kidney Stones Firstly, it is important to understand what kidney stones are, how they grow, the different types, as well […]

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