Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Rehoming Minnesota Pets: Animal Ark

Welcome to Featured Rescue Friday, where we highlight an amazing animal rescue. This week we are featuring Animal Ark, a furnomenal organization in Minnesota that is our new referral network partner! Animal Ark was founded in 1977 and has saved the lives of thousands of animals throughout Minnesota since their inception. In 2017 they facilitated 360 adoptions with a 97.9% […]

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The Only List of Dog-Friendly Retail Chains in the United States You’ll Ever Need

Retail Stores

In the United States, chain stores have different policies when it comes to allowing dogs into their locations. Regardless of store policies, however, it’s up to the manager of that specific store location to decide whether or not your pup would be allowed into the establishment, so it’s always good to call ahead. To help you get a better idea […]

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Writer Feature: Why I Support Animal Adoption

Adopt don't Shop

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern, Sydney Chromack! Sydney lives in Imperial, Pennsylvania and attends Robert Morris University where she studies English. She loves spending time with her family and three cats; Hank, Pixie, and WeWe. Oh, the joys of a four-legged friend! The excitement of finding your fur-baby is always an adventure. Love at first sight has never been […]

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Writer Feature: Why Adopt Instead of Shop?

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern, Crista! Crista lives in Princess Anne, Maryland and attends University of Maryland Eastern Shore to study aerospace engineering. On breaks she returns to Rockville, Maryland to stay with her family and favorite dog, Mystic. Thousands of animals are brought into homes every year, some into homes that have already had animals and some […]

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Emotional Support Dogs and Service Dogs: What’s the Difference?

Emotional Support and Service

Emotional support dogs and service dogs play important roles in their owners’ lives, but as similar as their roles may be, they are not the same. Since these types of dogs can be commonly confused for one other, it’s important to know the defining characteristics which constitute their respective titles. To help you better understand the similarities and differences between […]

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