Announcing the New and Improved Sitting for a Cause!

Sitting for a Cause

Today we are thrilled to announce some major updates to the Sitting for a Cause site!

These updates were made with all our users in mind in order to create a more functional site that meets the needs of both pet parents and pet sitters more effectively.

Read on to find out how the site will benefit you AND save the lives of animals in need!

Pet Parent Account Updates

Here’s how the site now works for pet parents.

1. Create an Account

Register for an account, and make sure you provide your name, phone number, and email address.

2. Post Your Job

On our old site, pet parents could only search for a sitter and send booking requests. Now, pet parents can post jobs and make them searchable on the site, increasing the odds that they will be able to find a sitter to help them with their pet care needs.

3. Review Qualified Sitters

Once your job is posted, you can invite sitters to apply to it AND review applications from other sitters.

Rest easy knowing that we only list sitters on our site who have either passed a background check, verified they have insurance coverage, provided references for us to check, or passed one of our three pet care tests. You can view their badges to see which of these requirements they have completed directly on their profile.

Once you find a few you’d like to talk to, you can allow Sitting for a Cause to release your email address and/or phone number to the sitter so you can take the conversation offline!

4. Find a Furnomenal Sitter

After speaking with sitters and doing meet and greets, you’ll be able to determine which sitter is right for your pet care needs. It’s that simple!

Better yet, all arrangements between you and the sitter are made off our site once you start communicating offline. This eliminates the hassle of having to keep signing into your account to facilitate payments, future bookings, and communications (something our main competitor requires).

5. It’s Free!

You don’t pay a dime to list a job on our site, nor do you pay fees to book sitters with us. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Pet Sitter Account Updates

Here’s how the site now works for pet sitters.

1. Create a Profile

Create a public profile on our site listing your rates, what services you offer, and telling a bit about yourself. Also, remember to add your ZIP code to your account settings to make your profile searchable!

2. Review Jobs

Search for jobs from the jobs section of your account and apply for ones you are interested in. Also, review invites to apply to jobs from pet parents who are interested in booking your services!

3. Talk to Clients

When a client wants to talk to you about their pet care needs, pay a small fee to access their contact information. This fee is $2-$8 and is based on the rate for one day or night of pet care. It is a one-time fee, meaning that once you pay for the client’s contact information, you don’t have to pay additional fees to communicate with the client or work with them.

This differs from our main competitor because:

  1. They take 15%-25% of your total booking amount.
  2. They require you to run every booking for every client you find on their site through their site in perpetuity, otherwise they will kick you off their site so you can’t find additional clients.

With Sitting for a Cause, you keep more of your hard-earned money. Arrange agreements with your clients offline, collect payment offline, and don’t worry about continually signing on to our site to work with the same client repeatedly.

4. Save Lives

50% of the fee you pay to access your potential client’s contact information goes to help homeless animals, which means you are saving lives by using our site.

Why Use Sitting for a Cause?

So with the new updates, you may be wondering why to use our site as opposed to one of the bigger and more established sites. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Pet parents use our site for free
  • Pet sitters keep more of their earnings
  • We won’t publicly list pet sitters on our site unless they earn at least one profile verification badge
  • You get to take your communication offline, eliminating the headache of constantly signing into your account
  • We give 50% of our website profits to help homeless animals

While we are proud of the first four reasons why you should use our site and the positive impact they will have for our users, it’s the last one that we are most excited about.

This is because we aren’t in it for the money. If we were, we’d charge the high service fees you see on other sites, and we wouldn’t commit to giving 50% of our profits to animals in need.

We are in this because we want to make a difference through pet care that gives back. We hope you’ll join us.

Ready to Sign Up?

If you are a pet sitter ready to find a job or a pet parent ready to post a job, we want you to try the new site today! Click the button below to sign up. We look forward to having you use our new and improved site!