Writer Feature: Why I Support Animal Adoption

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern, Alicia! Alicia currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland and attends McGill University where she studies political science and communication studies. She lives with her family and their two dogs, Holly and Rosie. The first thing anyone notices when setting foot in our house is all the pets jumping and running around. Ever since I was […]

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7 Easy Ways to Beat Your Dog’s Boredom

For many animals, boredom is a biological phenomenon that occurs when the brain wants stimulation. When dogs are bored, their boredom can lead to stimulatory actions such as biting and chewing furniture or carpets or scratching up floors. In order to prevent these bad behaviors, it is important to keep your dog from becoming bored. But how can you beat doggy boredom? Here are 7 easy […]

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