Living in Luxury: 9 Doghouses To Pamper Your Pooch

We all know what the traditional doghouse looks like. In the backyard, usually made out of wood and a normal roof with the dog’s name painted on top. Those are great and definitely get the job done. But what some people don’t know is just how cool and creative different doghouses can be.

Here are ten of the most clever, creative, and sometimes outright luxurious dog houses from around the web:


Image via Messagenote

This adorable doghouse pays tribute to America’s favorite coffee. Both humans and dogs alike love it!

2. Picture2

Photo via HomeJelly

This adorable doghouse offers pooches a little slice of suburban bliss.

3. Picture3

Photo from Pinterest

This log cabin doghouse gives dogs a cozy, enviable getaway.

4. Picture4

Photo via

This doghouse delights with its minimalist design and sleek design. A luxury doghouse for the modern, Zen canine.

5. Picture5

Photo via

This adorable doghouse will leave a dog feeling pretty in pink. A home fit for a queen!

6. Picture7

Picture via

Doghouses don’t have to be outside! A vintage TV helped create this unique doghouse.

7. Picture8

Photo via

If you have a soft spot for gardens and the outdoors, you will love this beautiful doghouse.

8. Picture9

Photo via Deep South Barrels

This special doghouse is a barrel of fun – pun intended!

9. Picture10

Photo via

This unique, creative doghouse is perfect for indoor dogs, and adds something special to your staircase.

What did you think of the list? Which doghouse was your favorite? If you could build you a dog a luxury doghouse, what would it look like? Let us know in the comments!