4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Although microchipping isn’t mandatory in the US, it is in all EU member countries and many other countries around the world. Microchipping your pet is recommended by vets, animal shelters, and other experts. A list of all countries in which the practice is mandatory can be found here. Microchipping is becoming more and more popular. Shelters have scanners and microchip […]

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5 Pawesome Options to Stop Your Pup from Pulling

Does your pup get too excited on walks sometimes and end up pulling on their leash? Over time, if a dog frequently pulls on their leash, they could develop fatal long-term health injuries. To prevent this from happening, changing to a different kind of leash, harness or collar can significantly reduce your dog’s frequency of pulling. To keep your dog’s […]

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Adopt Don’t Shop: Why I Support this Important Movement

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern to Project Pawsitivity, Samuel Chillette! Samuel majors in English at Westchester Community College. He lives with his family and their dog, Roscoe. Animals that are up for adoption need our help but more importantly, they need our love, affection, and companionship; they’re a lot like us in that regard. Just like we feel things, they feel things […]

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