The Only List of Dog-Friendly Retail Chains in the United States You’ll Ever Need

Retail Stores

In the United States, chain stores have different policies when it comes to allowing dogs into their locations. Regardless of store policies, however, it’s up to the manager of that specific store location to decide whether or not your pup would be allowed into the establishment, so it’s always good to call ahead. To help you get a better idea […]

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6 Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Kidney Stones

Everyone is susceptible to kidney stones, including our beloved canines. We all know how painful kidney stones and urinary tract infections are in humans, and can only imagine a similar pain dogs experience and how much vet bills cost. Understanding Kidney Stones Firstly, it is important to understand what kidney stones are, how they grow, the different types, as well […]

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4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Although microchipping isn’t mandatory in the US, it is in all EU member countries and many other countries around the world. Microchipping your pet is recommended by vets, animal shelters, and other experts. A list of all countries in which the practice is mandatory can be found here. Microchipping is becoming more and more popular. Shelters have scanners and microchip […]

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5 Pawesome Options to Stop Your Pup from Pulling

Does your pup get too excited on walks sometimes and end up pulling on their leash? Over time, if a dog frequently pulls on their leash, they could develop fatal long-term health injuries. To prevent this from happening, changing to a different kind of leash, harness or collar can significantly reduce your dog’s frequency of pulling. To keep your dog’s […]

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