6 Tips for Introducing Your Pup to Your Newborn

Pup and Baby

Are you expecting, or do you have, a newborn baby in your house? Are you also a dog owner? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you may need some advice on how to introduce your pup and your baby. Having a newborn in the house might stir up some confusion, or even jealousy in your pup, and that isn’t good when starting a new family!

To get your pup used to living with a new member of the house, here are a few tips for getting them acquainted!

1. Get Your Pup Used to the Baby’s Belongings

Before the baby arrives, have your pup inspect and get used to their toys, furniture, and other belongings, so that they’re not overwhelmed by all the new things coming into your home all at once. It’s better to have your baby’s belongings set up prior to their arrival, because the baby alone may be overwhelming enough for your pup.

2. Don’t Leave Your Pup Unattended with Your Baby

To be safe, you should always keep an eye on your pup when they’re around your baby. Never leave your pup and baby alone with each other. Although you may love your furry pal, they still have animal instincts, and we may never know what might trigger them. It’s in your baby’s best interest to make sure they are never left unattended with your pup.
3. Keep Baby and Dog Toys Separate

Dogs are territorial animals and they like to have their own toys. Don’t let your baby play with your pup’s toys or let your pup play with your baby’s toys, keep them separate. Your pup may not want your baby playing with their toys, and you also wouldn’t want your baby placing your pup’s toys in their mouths.

4. Keep Your Pup on a Leash when Introducing Them to Each Other

Keep your pup on a leash the first few times you introduce them to your baby. The first
time your pup and baby meet each other is the most heartfelt, it is also the most suspenseful, because you never know how your pup will react. Just in case they get too excited and try to leap onto your baby, leashing them up makes the whole experience as safe as possible.

6 Tips for Introducing Your Pup to Your Newborn5. Have Your Pup Sniff Some of Your Baby’s Items

To associate your baby with things your pup finds pleasant, try putting an article of your baby’s clothing or one of their used blankets near your pup’s food bowl or near where they sleep or play. Your pup will pick up on your baby’s scent and over time they will get more used to living with them.

6. Create Boundaries

Your pup needs to know where their place is in your home. They need to know that the baby’s room is the baby’s room, and not theirs. To enforce boundaries, you can purchase a pet gate or lock the baby’s room behind you when your baby isn’t occupying it.

Do you have any other tips or tricks to help get pups and newborns more acquainted with one another? Comment below and share with us what you know!

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