7 Tips for Introducing Children to Pets

Pets and Children

Cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, birds, lizards, snakes, and fish- oh my! Introducing children to pets is a huge step in the direction of creating kind, compassionate, and responsible future pet owners. But sometimes, the introductions may go awry. Pulled tails, nipped fingers, petting too rough, holding too tight, and hurt feelings on all sides can sometimes be the outcome of […]

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4 Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Although microchipping isn’t mandatory in the US, it is in all EU member countries and many other countries around the world. Microchipping your pet is recommended by vets, animal shelters, and other experts. A list of all countries in which the practice is mandatory can be found here. Microchipping is becoming more and more popular. Shelters have scanners and microchip […]

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