10 Remedies for Getting Rid of Fleas

10 Remedies for Getting Rid of Fleas

Fleas are a pain! They are hard to get rid of and any pet owner that has experienced fleas can tell you finding the cure and eliminating them from your home is a tedious experience. Some of the remedies you will come across include drops of medication on your pet’s fur or tablets. Other treatments include natural methods that are less harmful. Some remedies may work while others don’t even come close to solving the infestation problem. It is all a matter of finding what works for you and your pet. It is important to find remedies that kill fleas on your pet and also remedies that control infestations in the home to prevent re-infestation on your pet.

Before trying any of these remedies, it is a good idea to wash your pet, any blankets, pet’s beds or anything else that can be washed. Hot temperatures in the wash can kill any fleas or larvae.

Here are 10 natural, safe remedies to get rid of fleas!

  1. Apple cider vinegar: The apple cider vinegar is used as a flea spray or simply adding it to your pet’s food or in your pet’s water. Fleas seem to hate the smell or taste of apple cider vinegar, which is why this remedy has been a key into fighting fleas. You can find how to make a flea spray with apple cider vinegar here.
  2. Salt and baking soda: A salt and baking mixture can be used to dehydrate the fleas. Sprinkle the mixture onto the carpets and leave it there for at least a day. The mixture dehydrates the fleas and using the mixture more than once may be needed for it to be effective.
  3. Air conditioning and humidifiers: Fleas can only survive in temperatures of 32°C to 70°C and do not survive within 50% humidity. Changing the environment in which fleas live can lead to solving the flea infestation.
  4. 10 Remedies for Getting Rid of FleasLemon spray: Lemons are effective in fighting fleas based on their ingredient of limonene. This spray is a safe and chemical-free remedy in fighting off fleas.
  5. Natural flea shampoo: Dawn has been an efficient shampoo when fighting off fleas as it drowns the fleas. This recipe has proven to be better than most flea fighting shampoos.
  6. DIY essential oil flea collar: Don’t waste your money on flea collars! When you can soak your pet’s collar in essential oils, you don’t have to worry about chemicals. To be cost efficient, make a DIY essential oil flea collar by following the directions out here.
  7. Homemade flea powder: Diatom flour, neem powder, yarrow powder and eucalyptus oil are known to be a known flea repellent and insect killer. This homemade flea powder is easy to make and is chemical free.
  8. 10 Remedies for Getting Rid of FleasListerine: You can use this natural solution with mixing Listerine with water and using a flea comb.
  9. Flea trap: This remedy is quite easy since fleas are attracted to light. Use a pan of dawn soap in the infested area with a lamp concentrated on the pan and leave overnight. Boom! You have the ultimate flea catcher!
  10. Coconut oil: Apply raw extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil on areas of your pet where fleas have been. Coconut oil has lauric acid, which kills and prevents fleas.

Clearly there are other methods of getting rid of fleas that don’t include using chemicals that can be hazardous to your pet. These ten remedies are chemical free and can more effective than chemical solutions.

Have you tried any of these remedies to solve your flea problem? Do you think chemical-free solutions are better than chemical solutions?