The Only List of Dog-Friendly Retail Chains in the United States You’ll Ever Need

Retail Stores

In the United States, chain stores have different policies when it comes to allowing dogs into their locations. Regardless of store policies, however, it’s up to the manager of that specific store location to decide whether or not your pup would be allowed into the establishment, so it’s always good to call ahead.

While individual locations may have different policies and calling ahead to double check is always a great idea, here’s a comprehensive list of the most well-known dog-friendly stores in the U.S.!

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

Are you and your pup fashion forward? If you are, why not bring them with you into this clothing retailer!

2. Ace Hardware

This hardware store allows dogs into their locations as long as they’re leashed.

3. Ann Taylor

This clothing store allows owners to bring their dogs into its locations as long as the dog is well-behaved.

4. American Apparel

American Apparel is proudly dog-friendly and happy to allow your pup to shop with you!

5. Anthropologie

Anthropologie would be glad to welcome your pup to shop with you during your next shopping spree!dog friendly stores

6. AutoZone

This auto parts retailer wouldn’t make your pup wait outside while you’re shopping, so bring them in with you!

7. Banana Republic

Employees of this clothing and accessories store have been reported to hand out treats to owners’ dogs!

8. Barnes and Noble

Your pup would love to venture between the shelves of this book store chain! The Barnes and Noble café, however, has separate rules, so you would have to ask a manager before going into that section of the store.

9. Bass Pro Shops

Are you planning a fishing or hiking expedition? Take your pup with you to this retailer to gear up for your next adventure!

10. Bath and Body Works

The scents in Bath and Body Works will drive your pup up the wall! However, since the aisles of this store tend to be compact, large dogs may not be able to come inside, but dog friendly storessmall dogs that you can carry are more than welcome.

11. Bebe

This chic clothing store sells killer clothes, and on top of that, is notoriously dog-friendly!

12. Bed, Bath & Beyond

The spacious interiors of this retailer’s locations are perfect for your pup to explore- as long as they’re leashed of course.

13. Bloomingdales

This department store is so dog friendly they once included a customer’s pup in a photo shoot!

14. Crate and Barrel

This furniture, home décor, and wedding registry store would gladly allow your pup to shop with you. However, they would have to be leashed and well-behaved while with you because of the fragile merchandise.

15. Foot Locker

This popular shoe store chain would likely welcome your pup through their doors. Foot Lockers are usually connected to larger malls, so you should check the specific mall’s dog policy before bringing your pup to the friendly stores

16. Free People

Free People is bona fide dog-friendly!

17. GAP

Why not bring your pup with you to get some comfortable and affordable fashion pieces at this retailer?

18. Hallmark

At Hallmark locations, you can bring your pup with you while you search for the perfect card for a loved one!

19. Hobby Lobby

Do you have an artistic endeavor that you need supplies for? Head over to this arts and crafts retailer with your pup by your side!

20. Home Depot

Home Depot is happy to welcome your pup with you in their stores to help you search for any of your home improvement needs. With wide aisles and plenty of open spaces, your dog friendly storespup would love a shopping excursion here with you!

21. Jo-Ann Fabrics

This crafts and fabrics store allows your pup through their doors! However, only small dogs are allowed, so if you have a large dog you’ll have to leave him or her at home.

22. Kenneth Cole

This fashion house even sells dog collars so you can shop for yourself as well as your dog!

23. Lowes

In Lowes, the Outdoor Living section is generally dog-friendly everywhere, but there have been reports of store managers not allowing dogs into their locations, so calling ahead is always recommended.

24. Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is an animal-friendly organization with a no-animal testing policy. Since they share a love for animals, naturally, they would likely welcome your pup to shop with you at their locations!

25. Macys

Macys has a reputation for being dog-friendly and they would likely welcome your pup to shop with you at their locations! However, Macys stores may be connected to larger malls that may or may not be dog-friendly, so have to find out the specific mall’s dog policy before bringing your pup with you. 

26. Michaels

This arts and crafts store proudly allows your pup inside their locations.

27. Neiman Marcus

Do you have the urge to go on a shopping spree? Bring your pup with you to this luxury department store!

28. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is another clothing store that would be happy to welcome your pup to shop with you at their locations. However, they would prefer if your pup were leashed and well-behaved.

29. Old Navy

You can find this store at almost any mall location. You would probably just need to find out the specific mall’s dog policy before bringing your pup in with you.

30. Petco

dog friendly storesThis pet store welcomes dogs, cats, and other animals into their stores on a daily basis!

31. Petsmart

If you bring your pup here, chances are the employees will offer them treats and compliments.

32. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s across the country allow your pup into their stores. However, it would be wise to only bring your dog if he or she is well-trained, as the items in the store are fragile.

33. Restoration Hardware

As a home-furnishings company, your pup needs to be well-behaved when inside this retailer’s stores since the items for sale are fragile.

34. Ross

Not only is this department store budget-friendly, it’s dog-friendly and has merchandise for your pup in stock too!

35. Saks Fifth

This huge department store is dog-friendly, but they would prefer if your pup were leashed and well-behaved. dog friendly stores

36. Sephora

Is your pup just as much of a makeup lover as you are? If they are, you can bring them with you to any of this cosmetic supergiant’s locations!

37. Talbots

This dog-friendly store even sells dog merchandise so you can shop for both yourself and your pup.

38. The Apple Store

The Apple Store will allow your pup into their stores as long as they are leashed and well-behaved. If there is heavy foot traffic though you may have to pick your dog up, which could be a problem if your pup is too big to carry.

39. The Container Store

Get yourself organized while spending time with your pup at this organization mecca!

40. Tiffany & Co

Bring your pup with you to this jewelry chain and watch them be mesmerized by the dog friendly storesstore’s dazzling diamonds and colorful gemstones!

41. TJ Maxx/Marshalls

If you’re looking for the latest fashions, bring your pup with you to a TJ Maxx/ Marshalls location to find this season’s trends!

42. Tractor Supply Co.

This huge home-improvement, agriculture, and garden maintenance store would be a great place for your leashed pup to take in some new smells!

43. Urban Outfitters

Your pup would love to accompany you to this trendy, dog-friendly establishment.

Do you have experience shopping with your pup at other dog-friendly chain stores? Comment below and let us know!


  • Annon

    Apple Stores are dog friendly! I’ve seen a seeing eye horse inside of one!

  • Shelia Dorsett

    #21 is wrong. I was in Jo-Ann’s in Raleigh this morning with my 15 pound 3 year old dog and was given the ‘bum’s rush’ and was told their policy changed about a year ago. The employee who rushed me to checkout said they only allow service dogs and said they would have to see his papers. My dog was in the cart and was perfectly behaved. I didn’t finish shopping!

    • We do advise checking with each individual store because their policies may be different, but as a whole the chain should be dog friendly!

      • Anon

        We had the same experience yesterday with a Jo-Ann fabrics in Alpharetta, GA. “No pets allowed” was yelled immediately when we walked in the door. Fortunately we were able to take our business to a welcoming Michael’s that was very close by!

  • Jan

    Home Depot Are Not pet friendly. I got kicked out with my dog

    • We do advise checking with each individual store because their policies may be different, but as a whole the chain should be dog friendly!

    • Kevin

      Every Home Depot I’ve ever been to with either of my dogs has been totally cool with me bringing them. Some individual locations may decide otherwise or if your dog is noisy or misbehaves you will likely be asked to leave. But by and large Home Depot is one of the more pet friendly retailers out there.

  • Jenn Sherr

    We take our well behaved pup to Home Depot all the time and have been for 2.5 yrs. I’m surprised they asked you to leave.

  • Edward

    Blain’s Farm & Fleet allows dogs in and in fact are quite dog friendly. I take my 100 lb pal in all the time, and we will commonly run into other dogs, so your dogger shoud be dog friendly. They have an excellent pet section with products at competitive prices. Plus they have treats for the dog at the Returns desk as you enter the store.

    I’ve also found that many garages and car repair places are cool with dogs. My experience is that the staff is often happy to get a little dose of doggy-love during their work day.

  • Laura

    Old Navy in Greenville SC is not dog friendly. Service dogs only. And TJ Maxx as well. I wasn’t kicked out but I got a lot of nasty looks from employees so I left quickly. I even called TJ Maxx first. But I think the lady had no idea.