6 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Destructive Chewing

We all know that feeling: the dread of coming home after a long day and finding out that your dog has chewed on the couch, pillows, clothes, and other household items. While you might make an entertaining video to share online, it is not an ideal situation to find yourself in.

Below are 6 tips to stop your dog from destroying your home with their chewing!

1. Identify the Motivation

Chewing is a natural behavior, but there are many different reasons dogs love to do it. They could be lonely, anxious, bored, or want attention. If they are a puppy they may not know any better. Knowing the reason behind their chewing could help you find a way to redirect their motivation elsewhere.

2. Protect Your Belongings
Keep all items you don’t want them to chew on somewhere your dog won’t be able to access. It is also important to keep cleaners or anything else with chemicals in storage and anything small that could be a choking hazard out of reach.

3. Give them Distinguishable Toys
It is easy to play with your dog using a sock, blanket, or any other item nearby. However, playing with items that you don’t want chewed sends the wrong message. Toys made of hard rubber or hard nylon are the best, as they are more durable. Balls and stuffed animals are also favorites of dogs; however they may not last long and could lead to a mess. Toys that can be filled with water and ca be frozen are great for puppies who are teething. Dental chew sticks are also great options for dogs, with the bonus of combating dental disease.

4. Encourage appropriate chewing
Toys such as balls and Kongs are great! Make sure they are size appropriate for your dog
since anything too small may become a choking hazard. When playing with your dog, use the toys instead of other items. Reward them with treats and praise when they do play with their toys.

5. Discourage inappropriate chewing
Inappropriate chewing shouldn’t get by without proper discipline. Scold them when they get caught in the act, so they can associate the punishment with what they were doing at that moment (scolding them after the fact won’t help the situation). Redirect their attention to a toy or bone they can chew on.
6. Exercise

Take time out of your day to play with your dog. It not only brings you closer together, but it also helps them let out some energy. Daily exercise helps their health and fights boredom.

Every puppy and dog owner should expect some destruction from their pet, as their curiosity gets the better of them sometimes. Finding the reason for the chewing and giving them the appropriate toys and discipline can help train your dog and limit trouble they could cause.

Do you have a dog who loves to chew or have any more tips? Leave us a comment below!

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  • sharon

    My vet said to marinate the dogs toys in his dog food bag for a few weeks…after that, all new toys are marinated before offering them. Puppy can smell it’s his toy and won’t chew up half a pair of $600 shoes.

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