5 Fruits and Veggies That Are Safe For Your Dog

A dog’s stomach certainly can’t eat everything humans eat, but they can eat some healthy fruits and vegetables that we keep around the house. These healthy, safe alternatives to the usual caloric pet treats sold in most stores could help your dog lose weight and still get to eat delicious snacks!

Here are five fruits and veggies safe for your dog!

1. Blueberries

In moderation, blueberries are a very safe fruit to feed to your dog as a nice, light snack. Blueberries are low in fat and high in vitamin C. They work as a very good dietary supplement instead of regular dog treats. Blueberries have great benefits such as increasing the levels of antioxidants in your dog’s blood, which will help your dog protect itself from free radicals. However, if eaten too frequently, blueberries can cause your dog to have diarrhea. As with anything, food should be fed in moderation.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus has been proven to be a very healthy treat to feed your dog as long as you prepare it properly for your canine. The best way to feed it to your dog is to cut the stalks into smaller pieces for easier digestion. You can serve your pet asparagus raw or lightly cooked without any seasonings, but this will decrease the nutrients that are naturally inside of asparagus. Again, this healthy veggie should be fed in moderation and should not be used as a meat substitute as dogs are mostly carnivorous and still need their meat protein.

3. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a low caloric treat that can be a very healthy treat to feed to your dog. It is safe to give your dogs cauliflower whether it is raw or cooked as long as it has not been treated with chemicals or cooked with seasonings like garlic or onions. Cauliflower is known to be less flavorful than broccoli, but it is found that some dogs prefer it. This vegetable is packed with nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs, as well as the carcinogen blocker – isothiocyanate – which helps prevent cancer in your pet.

4. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the most popular healthy treats to give to your dog as it acts as a strong fibrous treat that can help with diarrhea in both dogs and pets. The main thing to remember is that if you feed pumpkin to your dog you should remember to feed solely pumpkin without preservatives or sugar additives. Most pets will eat this treat off of your finger, but it is also safe for you to pour pumpkin on your dog’s dry kibble or wet food.

5. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are low in carbs and extremely high in nutrients for your dog. These vegetables help fight cancer, lower blood pressure in your pet, and improve diabetic symptoms. This vegetable can also give your dog more energy if eaten sparingly and can give your dog benefits for their bones and joints. As for obesity in dogs, cucumbers can help lower the carbohydrates your dog consumes if given as a treat over regular dog treats. Cucumbers are mostly made of water, which could cause your dog to have some loose stools if they are fed this healthy veggie treat too much

What fruits and veggies do you enjoy sharing with your dog? Leave a comment and let us know!