4 More Tips for Summer Pet Care

With the summer months coming up, there are a few things pet owners should think over and prepare for. There are things that occur during summer that aren’t usually an every day occurrence during the rest of the year. Due to this, everyone who owns a pet should take the proper precautions and measures to assure that any and all pets they have enjoy summer just as much as people do.

Here are 4 more tips to keep in mind in preparation for the summer!

1. BBQs and Parties.

Summer barbecues and parties can be dangerous for your pets.  When there is a parting going on, not everyone pays as much attention to things around them as they normally would due to countless distractions.  While making food, it is possible for people to accidentally drop morsels that your pet  could eat and get sick from. When people are swimming in the pool, a pet could fall into the pool and drown if people arent paying attention. When people open and close of doors and gates, pets can run away. Fire pits are an automatic danger to your pet, so  keep your animals inside to be protected and safe. It’s safest to keep your pet enclosed in a safe space when hosting outdoor events.

2. Dangerous Products.

Many people  treat their lawns with products to kill weeds, pests, and vermin and some dogs enjoy playing on lawns and sometimes even eating grass. This can be a danger since these products are severely harmful to your pets! Even cats that roam around and ingest these dangers,  becoming fatally ill or possibly dying on the spot. Keep your lawns clear of such pesticides and make sure you are always with your pet when they walk on other lawns so you can see if they ingest something dangerous.

3. Strangers.

If you wouldn’t let your children play with strangers, why let your pet do the same? Summer is the time of year where people tend to be outside more than usual, which means strangers could come into your yard and possibly harm your pets. Many animals can be stolen from yards during summer from strangers. Be sure to watch your pet enjoy their time outside to protect them from being napped by someone walking by. It might sound like too much precaution, but better safe than sorry!

 4. Other Animals.

Other animals can be a danger to your pet during the summer due to rabies being spread and vicious animals being out in the wild for your pet to accidentally wander upon. Animals such as squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, and skunks can be harmful to your pet and scratch, attack, or bite them. Keep your pet safe by moving them away from these dangers if you are taking them on walks or keeping your pet indoors if you notice any of these dangers in your backyard.

Following this advice can possibly save your pets from the dangers that can spring up during the summer. Be a good pet parent this summer and make sure you pay close attention to your pets habits, attitude, what they are doing, and what they are eating!

How do you keep your pet safe during the summer months? Leave a comment and let us know!

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