Sitting for a Cause Q2 Donation Tally: $680 in Donations!

We are happy to announce that we donated $680 to animal rescues and shelters this quarter! We allowed our top four sitters to determine where their donation profits would go, then divided up the remaining donations from our other sitters and added them on to the totals.

Here is our Q2 donation breakdown:

We also donated 100% of our earnings from our final “sit” with our beloved client, Jessie (pictured above). Jessie crossed the rainbow bridge on June 25th. In her honor, we donated $260 to Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue to sponsor their rescue pup, Summertime. We miss Jessie immensely and will love her always.

When added to our Q1 donations, we have donated over $1200 to animal rescues and shelters. Here were the Q1 breakdowns:

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