How It Works

Our process is easy and simple for pet parents and pet care professionals alike!

For pet parents:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for a free account with Sitting for a Cause. Include your email address and phone number when you sign up.!
  2. Create a Job Posting: Create a free job posting outlining your pet care needs and sharing information about your pets.
  3. Invite Pet Sitters to Your Job: Find a pet care professional within your search radius that offers the services you want in the price range you need, then invite them to your job at no cost to you by releasing your phone number, email address, or both to them so they can contact you directly.
  4. Review Applicant Profiles: For Pet Sitters who apply to your Job Posting, review their profiles and either accept their submission at no cost to you by releasing your contact information to them or decline their profile submission.
  5. Talk to and Meet with Pet Sitters: Wait for approved pet sitters to contact you directly to discuss details, set up meet and greets, and arrange agreements and care for your pets. Then, rest easy knowing your furry family members are being taken care of in your absence.

For Pet Care Professionals:

  1. Create a Profile: Fill out your profile and get it published on our site for free by either completing a background check, verifying you have insurance coverage, letting us do a reference check, or passing pet care tests to showcase your expertise as a pet care professional!
  2. Search for Jobs: Run a free search for jobs in your area and apply to the ones you are interested in!
  3. Respond to Job Invites: Review invites to jobs from Pet Parents and accept invites you’d be interested in learning more about.
  4. Get Pet Parent Contact Info: Pay a small fee to get contact information for the Pet Parents you’d like to work with. Unlike the 15%-20%+ fees charged by many of our competitors in perpetuity, this is a one-time fee that is generally less than 10% of one visit/day/night’s worth of work. This helps you keep more money in your pocket!
  5. Talk to and Meet with Clients: Get in touch with your potential client to schedule a meet and greet, finalize job details, and start working!

What about giving back?

At the end of each quarter, Sitting for a Cause gives back 50% of the profits we earn from our fees to animal related causes, so rest easy knowing that your use of our site supports a great cause!