Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any fees to use the site?

The only fee we charge is a release fee for pet sitters to receive the email address and/or phone number of Pet Parents who would like to speak to them about their pet care needs. This is a one-time fee and is a maximum of $8. It is determined on a sliding scale based on the estimated pay for one night of pet care for the job they apply to.

This works to our pet sitters advantage because, unlike many of our competitors who charge 15%-25% of the total booking fee for every job they book with every pet parent they connect the pet sitter with, it’s a one-time fee that is typically less than 10% of their earnings for one night of work. This keeps more money in our sitter’s pockets!

We also do not charge pet owners any fees for posting their jobs on our site.

How does the giving back aspect of the site work?

Sitting for a Cause charges a small fee to our pet sitters to access contact information for job opportunities. At the end of each quarter, we determine our final profits (revenue minus expenses) then give 50% of our profits to animal related causes.

Can any pet care professional get listed on Sitting for a Cause or do they have to meet any basic requirements?

While anyone can create a profile on Sitting for a Cause, pet care professionals won't get their profiles publicly listed until they either pass a pet care test, complete a background check, undergo a reference check, or have insurance coverage. Once a pet care professional passes a pet care test, completes a background check, completes a reference check, or verifies that they have insurance coverage their profile will be publicly listed and a badge indicating which requirement they completed will show up on their profile. Pet care professionals can complete more than one requirement and receive a badge on their profile for each requirement they complete.

Are all pet care professionals background checked?

No. However, you can tell if a pet care professional has submitted to a background check if they have a background check badge on their profile.

How does the background check work?

We are able to offer low-cost background checks to our pet care professionals through Clearstar. These checks will verify identity and check on criminal records. The cost for this is $6.

Do all pet care professionals have insurance?

No. Sitting for a Cause recommends all pet care professionals purchase insurance to cover their pet sitting jobs. Pet care professionals who have insurance and have provided Sitting for a Cause with proof of insurance will have an "Insured" badge on their profiles.

Do pet care professionals have to take any tests to demonstrate their expertise?

We currently have four tests our pet care professionals can take to demonstrate their expertise: a general pet care test, a cat care test, a dog care test, and site orientation test. The pet care tests are 20 questions and pet care professionals must score an 80% or above to pass the test and will receive a badge on their profile showing which test they have passed. The site orientation test is a 30-question test and requires a score of 90% or above to pass. Pet care professionals who fail a test can re-take it after 24 hours once they've had a chance to review pet care concepts.

How can I make sure a pet care professional is the right fit for my pets?

We suggest thoroughly discussing your pet care needs with your sitter and having a meet and greet prior entering into any agreement, business, contract, or relationship with any pet sitter. A meet and greet is a great way to get to know a potential pet care professional and see how they interact with your pets. You can also ask for references and see if the professional has received any reviews on Sitting for a Cause before booking their services.

Please note that Sitting for a Cause only facilitates introductions and does not assist with finalizing bookings.

Why can't I find a pet care professional in my area?

Sitting for a Cause is a newer site and is in the process of growing to include sitters in all regions of the U.S. We hope to be able to help you find professionals who can help you with all your pet care needs soon. Please spread the word about who we are and what we do to help us grow more quickly so we can help you find the best care for your pets!

How are payments processed? Is my information secure?

All payments are processed through PayPal and are secure!

If I'm unhappy with the services I received can I get a refund?

Sitting for a Cause doesn’t facilitate bookings, so any issues you have with your pet care professional will need to be handled between you and them.

However, if you do have a dispute with your sitter, we encourage you to contact us so we can take the appropriate action to remove the sitter from our site.

If I want to rebook my sitter, do I have to use your site?

Nope! Once you and your sitter are in communication off our site, you can continue to work together for as long as you want without any need to do anything further on our site.

I have a question that isn't answered here. Who can I talk to for additional help?

Please contact us for any additional questions you may have!