Nine Ways Living With A Cat Made Me Love Them

Let me begin by saying, I was raised as a dog person. My first pet was my loveable boxer who I took with me everywhere I went. This meant that I was generally opposed to cats. With terrible allergies and a negative connotation to the species, I have never had a positive outlook. However, now that my allergies are under control and I live with my boyfriend’s cat, Orion, I have gained a completely new outlook on the species altogether. Orion caused a major mindset change for me. 

Heres how living with a cat made me love them: 

1. The Purrr-fect Cuddle Buddy 

When it comes time for bed, there is always someone I can count on to be by my side. The soft touch of fur against my body as I fall asleep reminds me of my childhood with a teddy bear. Even better, this teddy bear will move into every crook and cranny of the bed and may even end up on my head!

2. A Built-In Alarm Clock 

Who needs alarm clocks when you have a cat? Every morning, Orion comes up to my pillow at 6 a.m. precisely, meowing away to get attention. Similar to an alarm clock, a few pets usually will allow five more minutes of snoozing.

3. The Conversationalist 

Communication never becomes a problem in this apartment! Even if I am home alone, I can always count on Orion to hold a conversation. Whether he is out of food or wants someone to play, Orion makes sure to meow away his needs.

4. Procrastinating Buddy! 

On a daily basis, I always try to put in 110%. Some days, the challenge becomes harder than others. On days that seem to drag by, Orion supports my procrastinating habits. By laying across my laptop, I simply CANNOT get to my work. I wouldn’t want to upset his rest. 

5. Simple Entertainment 

Target has cheap cat toys for as low as $2. These $2 toys can provide hours of entertainment for both you and your cat. There is something about the way our cat leaps off the couch for the feather teaser that always makes me laugh

6. Reminding me a nap is always okay 

Not to follow the typical teenager stereotype, but I love my sleep. I will get twelve hours in a night if possible. Most of the time, with school and work, this schedule simply isn’t practical. Living with a cat who I see sleeping 9 out of ten times I’m looking his way, I am reminded I will never be too old to nap.  

7. Cuteness Overload 

Even though I grew up as a dog person, it was still impossible to deny the cuteness of kittens and cats. The soft, gentle smirks and comforting purrs always turns my heart into goo. Once that adorableness gets paired with a sweet personality, its game over for me.  

8. He loves me 

Nothing feels better than feelings being reciprocated. Whether this be with another human or a pet, they are called companions for a reason. After a few weeks of bonding, the experience of bonding with Orion has been incomparable to anything in my life. I have really grown attached to this beautiful animal. 

9. Each one has its own personality 

Even though Orion expressed his personality on me, this does not mean all cats are as kind as him. Each one holds their own traits and tendencies. The most beautiful part about all animals remains their individuality.