The Top 9 Ways We Spoil Our Pets

spoiling pets

We all love to spoil our pets because, let’s be honest, they’re kind of our favorite members of the family. Today spoiling our favorite little furry friends isn’t just about mixing wet food with dry. There’s an entire industry dedicated to extravagant pet gifts. The best part is you don’t have to be rich to treat your pet like royalty (though most of these items will break the bank).

Here are 9 extravagant options you can use to spoil your pet!

A Little Something for Every Pet

1. Pawsecco – A “prosecco” for your dog! Pour your best friend a tall glass right beside you after a long day. This herbal infused, dog safe beverage is full of minerals and vitamins that your pet needs. Sadly they don’t make dog bowls that look like wine glasses, but if you’re willing to break the bank, you can always get a wine barrel dog bowl.

spoiled pets2. MosCATo – A “moscato” wine made just for your cat. This tincture is infused with red and yellow beats and spiked with catnip. You and your favorite feline friend can enjoy a tall glass of wine to end your night.

3. Dog cologne – Let’s face it: sometimes grooming isn’t enough. To keep your dog smelling as good as you, try a cologne that was manufactured to smell similar to leading perfume labels. While some may argue that this is a waste of money, just think how much you’ll save by skipping the occasional grooming for a spritz of your favorite dog perfume.

4. Bubble Pet Carrier – Because why shouldn’t your cat look like it’s riding in a spaceship when you travel? The round window gives them a view of their surroundings while the carrier keeps them securely tucked away.

5. Pet Car Seat – This isn’t actually an extravagant pet gift but a smart investment in your pet’s safety. In fact, some car insurance companies only cover pets if they’re kept safe in a pet safety seat for the car.

Is your pet just EXTRA? These options may be more appropriate!

6. Doggie Pram – We’re not saying that prams are the only stroller you can get your pet. What we are saying is there another stroller you want to be walking down the street with your dog in? Now in all seriousness, a dog stroller is the perfect thing for those who love jogging with their dog that prefers naps.

spoiled pets7. Designer Clothes – You’re not the only one who deserves to be turning heads. From jackets to designer labels, your pet can be just as stylish as you are.

8. Pet Homes – Whether it’s an avant-garde cat cabins woven with branches and lined with pillows or high-tech doggie homes complete with spas, your pet’s house can be more expensive than yours.

9. Dog Treadmill – For the pet owner that just doesn’t always have the time to take their pet for a walk, the dog treadmill will keep your pet active and healthy while you maintain your busy schedule. Or for a super cute selfie, set up your treadmill next to your dog and capture a shot of the two of you working out together!

The reality is that our pets don’t need any of these wonderfully ridiculous extravagances to be well loved. While it’s a great idea to dress you and your dog up in matching outfits, you sipping your coffee, them sipping some rooffee, posed adorably for holiday photos, the reality is your pet doesn’t need a designer home to feel at home, they just need your time, love and thoughtful care.


What’s the biggest thing you’ve done to spoil your pet? Leave a comment and let us know!


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