Tips for Celebrating Your Fur-Baby’s Birthday or Adoptaversary

Pet birthdays and adoption anniversaries are times to celebrate. I have seen doggy birthday parties, where friends from the dog park are invited to celebrate a birthday as well as simple celebrations with family only. However you choose to celebrate, here are some ideas to make your pet’s day extra special

1. Cake.

There are a lot of pet friendly recipes or mixes out there for cake for your dogs or cats. However, if you are leery about the gluten or other ingredients present, you can always opt for canned food. This is what I recently did for my cat’s birthday. I purchased his favorite pate and put it on a plate with a candle (unlit of course) and watched him chow down. I even got a couple of cute pictures!

2. Take pictures.

Always take pictures. When your fur-baby is chowing down on cake or playing with toys take pictures! This way you can always have the memories of your pet’s birthday or adoptaversary.

3. Gifts.

They don’t have to be huge gifts but getting a present for your fur-baby on their special day can add some fun. For Nizmo’s birthday, his dad got him ponytails. We had figured out after he had stolen them from me that they are his favorite toys to play with. He also got catnip bubbles, a toy cheeseburger, and a squeaky mouse. But a bone, treats, or even a box house can be gifts for your special four-legged!

4. Having friends over.Celebrating your Fur-Babies Birthday or Adopt-aversary

If your pup or cat has friends and they like to play with, setup a playdate. Playdates can be a great way to make your fur-babies birthday or adoptaversary extra fun.

5. Going to the dog park!

If a playdate at home doesn’t work out and your pup loves a trip to the dog park, that may be the way to celebrate. It can be made extra special by bringing their favorite toys and treats!

6. Playing games.

Whether it’s fetch, laser pointers, or playing with your pets favorite toy, make sure that on their special day there is plenty of time to play with their favorite human.

7. Have a special meal.

A special meal can be a piece of chicken or your pet’s favorite kibble. Just like their pet-parent’s, cats and dogs have favorite foods and having them on special occasions is a welcome treat.

8. Make a scrapbook.

Making a scrapbook or taking a lot of pictures is a great way to commemorate any special occasion. Your pet’s birthday or adoption anniversary is a big deal and making a memory book to commemorate it is an awesome way to remember every little detail of it.

9. Doggy ice cream or frozen treats.

Human ice cream can be bad for your pets but letting them indulge in pet friendly options or frozen treats like bananas can be a great alternative.

10. Spend time together!

The most important part of celebrating your pet’s special day is to spend time with them. Every year that goes by that you and your pet have spent together is important. Take a little extra time to spend quality time with your pets. Hank’s favorite game is to play fetch with his mom!

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthday or adoptaversary? Leave a comment and let us know!