5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Pet to the Vet

Making appointments to take your pet to the vet can sometimes be a hassle and can be costly depending on what service your pet has to have. That being said, neither of these reasons should restrict your pet from getting the best medical service available. This is why taking your pet to the vet regularly is best for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Here are 5 reasons to take your pet to the vet.

1. Like humans, pets need annual visits to a medical professional.

Skipping your annual visit to your doctor can put you at risk for not finding out if you have a medical problem. The same goes for your pet if it is not taken to its annual visit at a veterinarian hospital. If a pet continuously misses its visits for check ups, the pet can become at risk for fleas, ticks, heartworm, rabies, and other various diseases and possibly fatal issues. PetInsurance.com says that going to the vet assures that dogs or cats gets the proper vaccines needed for that year to protect them from harm as well as assuring your pet does not have any underlying conditions that could have arisen during their lifetime. These annual check ups can save a pet in the event that they grow cancerous tumors or possibly even get parasites in their body because the vet can find the problem and help you and your pet fix it. Many owners prefer to avoid the veterinarian’s office due to how high the prices can be for a room visit or medication, but a pet’s wellbeing is at stake if owners neglect to do proper yearly check ups as instructed. Money is expendable; a pet’s life is not.

2. Pets can hide symptoms of illness very easily.

Cats and dogs have a tendency to be good at hiding pain they may be in or any sicknesses they may have. This is why owners should always monitor their pet and take them to a proper veterinarian clinic in order to get a diagnosis as well as treatment for their furry friend. Pets could have a fatal illness for years and owners may never find out until the day the illness causes the pet to die. Veterinarians are trained to take notice of a pet acting “off” and are trusted to be able to give a name to whatever a pet may have and help the owner in treatment. HealthyPets.com says an owner may not take notice to its cat or dog acting differently or maybe not eating or drinking as frequently as usual, but this could mean something worse could be going on with the animal. Going to the veterinarian if a pet seems to not be acting like normal can end up saving the pet’s life in the long run.

3. Going to the vet and becoming educated can help you prepare for future issues.

Whenever you visit the vet, they give you information about whatever your pet has or may contract. This information is very valuable and can help you become more knowledgeable about your pet’s food, medication, actions, and even help you be able to make a quick possible diagnosis if your pet is acting strangely. On MyKidsHadPaws.org, it states that vets like to inform their patients because knowing even a little bit of the vast knowledge a veterinarian knows can help out a normal person and their pet if a medical emergency takes place. For instance, if an owner is told how to help a pet that has epilepsy, then the owner can use this information they are given by their vets to help keep their pet healthy and lessen the amount of things in the pet’s life that brings on epilepsy.

4. As your pet ages, medical issues can arise and going to the vet can help relieve or stop these issues.

Just like humans, pets get older and more likely to have more medical issues in their old age. HillsPet.com relays that senior dogs and cats should frequent the veterinary clinic more than adult pets because they are at risk of having more health issues. Senior pets also need certain medication along with their age that is only available by prescription by a veterinarian. This means that an owner should take their pet to the vet regularly as they age in order to assure that the pet lives out their life as long as possible with the help of medicine and care from the veterinarian. Medical issues could pop up at any age with pets, but it is even more likely that a pet will have issues such as hip and joint problems, heart conditions, respiration issues, and even some more fatal issues such as cancer. Taking pets to the vet could help prevent such things, or help treat them.

5. Going to the vet will ultimately save money in the long run.

The vet bills will pile up if owners neglect taking their pet to the vet as needed. If a pet goes months, or even years, without getting a check up or physical it may have an illness that is steadily getting worse and when the owner finally brings the pet to a medical professional the bill could be ten times the amount it could have been if the pet went to the veterinarian before. It is easier on the pet owner’s wallet if a possible issue is caught and resolved within the correct amount of time at usual price instead of paying much more too late if the issue is ignored. Consider this: a car is in need of a servicing and it has been well over a year since its last one. Continuing to drive the car when it may have issues going on could result in a higher bill when it has to finally get checked because other small issues were ignored, creating one giant issue and equally large payment. The same goes for pets and their annual visits to the veterinarian. As VetStreet.com comments, its better to get the vet visit done and over with than risking your pet’s life.

Do you take your pet to the vet for preventative care? Leave a comment and let us know!


  • Ashley Maxwell

    Erin, thanks for your comment about how you should bring your dog to the vet so that they can avoid diseases. I like how you said that that’s why regular check-ups are so important. You can avoid potentially harmful problems. My husband an I are looking into veterinary hospitals near us to take our golden retriever into.

  • Deb Pearl

    I didn’t know that cats and dogs have a tendency to be good at hiding pain or sickness they might be feeling. I just got a new kitten and I have been wondering if I should take them to the vet or not. If they are good at hiding sickness, I should probably take them fairly often. Thank you for the information!

  • Deb Pearl

    I didn’t know that cats and dogs were good at hiding pain and sicknesses that they may have. My husband and I just got a new dog and we have been wondering if we need to take them to a vet. We will have to make sure we take them to a vet often if they are good at hiding pain and sicknesses. I would want them to stay healthy!

  • Leviticus Bennett

    My cat seems generally healthy, I didn’t know that pets can have a fatal illness for years unbeknownst to their owners. I have not taken my pets to the vet because I thought they wouldn’t need to. Now I realize that my cat and my dog could be really sick. It’s time to take them in for a checkup.

  • Ken Hwan

    My wife and I got a dog for my son’s birthday and we are both very new to the pet owner scene! I was very shocked to learn how well our pets can hide symptoms from us, even some as severe as a life threatening disease! I am very glad that there are trained professionals who can notice when my pet is acting off and can get it the treatment it needs!

  • Warner Stuekerjuerge

    good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

  • Heidi Bookenstock

    My best friend and I recently moved in together and we’ve decided to get a dog! We are so excited, but neither of us have been responsible for a pet before and we aren’t really sure what to do. I really like the information in this article about why dogs should see a veterinarian. It didn’t ever occur to me that pets can hide pain or sickness.

  • Braden Bills

    I noticed that my cat has been acting strange. He hasn’t gone to the vet in a couple of years, so it makes sense that there might be something wrong! I’ll be sure to get him to the vet as soon as I can.

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for explaining why it’s good to take your pet to the vet. It’s nice to know that vets are trained to know when a pet is acting strange and if something’s wrong. Perhaps the vet could also advise you on other, additional signs to watch out for in a pet so you can get any problem treated quickly.

  • Amy Winters

    Thanks for pointing out that pets can easily hide symptoms of illness. My sister recently adopted a dog from a shelter, but when I asked if she had taken him to the vet yet she responded with “he seems fine.” I’m a huge dog lover and animal advocate, so this didn’t sit too well with me but I wasn’t sure what to say. Maybe I’ll share this article with her so she’ll realize it’s possible that her dog is suffering but hiding it well.

  • Kenneth Gladman

    I like how you mentioned that age of your pet is a big factor. Our dog is getting really old and I hate to admit it, but he is facing health issues. Getting a good vet when we move is imperative to keeping him healthy.

  • Joy Butler

    I liked your point that pets can hide symptoms of illness very easily. My dog was once very sick and we had little to no idea. He lost a lot of energy so I decided to take him to the vet and he ended up having a tumor. Again, he showed little to no symptoms for something so severe. My mom has a dog and she should definitely take her dog to the vet soon.

  • Rhianna Hawk

    I can definitely agree that my cat never lets me know when she’s hurt; I once found a thorn in her paw that had been there for who knows how long, and she’d just been lying around the house and pretending like it didn’t even hurt. If she’s hiding a more serious illness from me, I wouldn’t be surprised, so it may well be worth a trip to the vet to make sure she really is as healthy as she’s acting. Getting educated on how to tell if she’s acting off would be helpful, as well, so that I can spot when she’s hiding things from me again a lot sooner.

  • Braden Bills

    I had no idea that dogs need to have regular vet visits! It makes sense that you would want to have any health problems identified before they get too serious. I’ll be sure to take my dog in at least once a year.

  • Millie Hue

    It got me when you said that getting the pet checked regularly will assure you that any illness will be detected and prevent them from getting worse. I will definitely look for a vet that I can trust before I even have my own dog to ensure that I have someone to go to. This will be perfect for me and the dog since I plan to adopt those who need special help or those that are rescued, so they might have sicknesses or issues.

  • Kate Welling

    I like how you said that senior cats and dogs should make frequent visits to the vet. It makes sense that they have higher risks! My dog is getting really old, so I will start taking her to the vet more. I have never taken her before, so I will need to find a vet in my area.

  • Gillian Babcock

    My sister has a pet and it’s not feeling well for a few days now. It was explained here that pets need an annual visit a medical professional if they have a medical problem. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire a trusted veterinarian for quality pet care.

  • Braden Bills

    I want to make sure that my dog is healthy. It makes sense that I would want to take them to the vet at least once a year! That way I can ensure that they don’t get any medical problems.

  • Michael Lee

    My wife and I recently got a dog and we are wanting to make sure it gets all the dog treatment services it needs. I didn’t know that pets are good at hiding sickness. This is good advice to make sure to know if our dog acts differently.

  • Kate Welling

    I wasn’t aware that an animal simply not acting right could mean that something worse could be going on with the animal. It makes sense that noticing this behavior would need immediate action! I need to find a vet near me because my cat has some of these symptoms.

  • Braden Bills

    I want to make sure that I take good care of my new puppy. It makes sense that I would want to take them for annual vet visits! That way I can ensure that any disorder that may be coming up is handled.

  • Hazel Owens

    That’s good to know that a vet can help relieve or prevent issues from your pet aging. My American Eskimo is about 5 years old right now, so I’m looking at how to care for her as she gets older. I’ll have to find a vet we can go to so we can avoid hip problems and whatnot later.

  • Kate Welling

    You mentioned that pets can hide symptoms of sickness very easy. This scares me! I just adopted a kitten, and she hasn’t been acting the same over the last couple of days. This makes me wonder if she is getting sick! I’m going to look for a vet near me to help me out with diagnosing her.

  • Bree Ward

    It’s definitely vital for your pets to visit the vet regularly for their well-being. Thanks for providing 5 beneficial reasons to take your pets to the vet. We just adopted another German shepherd dog, and we will make sure to follow your advice. We will take it to the vet regularly to ensure proper care.

  • Benjamin Andrews

    I like that you say that taking your pet to the vet regularly is a good way to catch potential illnesses before they become a problem. My wife and I bought a puppy for our daughter on her 11th birthday last month, so I have been looking into what we need to keep it in good health. I will keep this in mind, and look for a veterinary service that is close to our house.

  • Braden Bills

    My dog has been oddly aggressive lately, and I want to make sure that he’s alright. It makes sense that taking him to the vet would be the best option right now! They would be able to determine what is causing him to lash out. I can see how it could be something like pain or discomfort.

  • Ethan Hansen

    I found it interesting how you mentioned how getting your dog proper medical care can help it stay healthy and avoid painful ailments. My wife and I are in the process of adopting our first dog and we want to make sure she stays healthy for a long time so she can grow up with our grandchildren and protect them. I will keep this in mind as we search for an animal hospital near us that we can regularly check her in to!

  • Ellie Davis

    I was not aware that pets could hide pain or signs of sickness. I’m always very careful about any symptom that my dog could show. As you mentioned taking your pet to the veterinarian if they are not acting normal can save your pet’s life.

  • David Johnson

    I thought it was interesting that whenever you visit the vet they give you information about whatever your pet has or may contract. Personally, I think this would be especially helpful for new pet owners because they’ll have less experience. I’ll have to look into a good veterinary hospital to go to!

  • Thomas Jameson

    It’s good to know that you should take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year to make sure that they don’t have any underlying health conditions for major problems that could arise. My wife and I love our dog, and we want to make sure that he is happy and healthy for as long as he possibly can be. We’ll be sure to take him to the vet at least once a year to ensure that he’s in good health.

  • Tyler Johnson

    That’s a good point that you could get some info on issues that might happen in the future. I would think that it would be good to know when to take your dog to the hospital, or how to take care of them when they get sick. I’ll have to consider taking my dog into the vet to learn how to take care of him better.

  • Braden Bills

    I want to make sure that my dog is taken care of. It makes sense that I would want to take them to the vet regularly! I wouldn’t want to risk them getting sick, or anything.

  • Tyson Coolidge

    It’s interesting that pets need annual visits to medical professionals, just like humans do. My wife and I got a puppy about a year ago, and we haven’t taken him to the vet yet. We’ll be sure to look further into our options for clinics so that we can get that done.