6 Safety Precautions to Take when Walking Your Pup

safety precautions

Walking our dogs is one of the most basic responsibilities we have as pet owners. However, to be safe, we should always take precautions when we decide to leash up our furry pals.

To keep ourselves and our pets as safe as possible when we take them for walks, here is a list of the most important steps you should follow when you walk your pup!

1. Wear reflective Clothing

When you walk your dog at night, or even in the evening, it’s hard for drivers to see you. To be spotted easier in the dark and to prevent accidents, you can purchase a reflective vest for your pooch and even one for yourself! If you don’t like the idea of wearing a vest, you could opt to wear an armband instead. Reflective gear is usually affordable, so don’t worry about breaking the bank

safety precautions when walking your dog2. Make sure Your Pup Wears Identification

Keeping identification on your pup at all times is extremely important, especially when you take them out for a walk. In the event they get out of your grip and run off, it’s important that they have a form of identification attached to their collar with their name, and your name, number and address engraved on it. If your dog is microchipped, it would be a good idea to have that expressed on the tag as well. A simple “I am microchipped” would work fine!

3. Always keep Them on a Leash

As much as we love our pets, they are still animals. They have animal tendencies and you never know what you may come across on a walk, whether it be a squirrel, a bird, or some other small animal they might see and feel the need to chase. Keeping them on a leash at all times prevents the likelihood of accidents happening!

4. Be Careful when Walking More than One Dog at Once

If you have multiple dogs, it can be safer to walk them one at a time since walking multiple dogs at once reduces the amount of control you have over them. However, if it’s absolutely necessary that you walk multiple dogs at the same time, please be sure you know the route you’re taking, and be extra careful to not let them out of your grip!

safety precautions when walking your dog5. Take a Flashlight with You

This tip applies more to your night or evening walks. Just like you and your pup should
wear reflective clothing when walking in the dark, you should also take a flashlight with you to be seen from far away and to prevent accidents! Safety in every form is crucial to night-time walks.

6. Stay on the Sidewalk

Always keep your pup on the sidewalk whenever you are able to. Always keep them to your left, and away from the road to keep them as far away from oncoming traffic as possible.

Do you have any other helpful safety tips for fellow dog walkers and pet owners? Comment below and share them with us!

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