Welcome to Project Pawsitivity!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new Sitting for a Cause blog, Project Pawsitivity! My name is Ashley Jacobs and I am the CEO and founder of Sitting for a Cause. With Sitting for a Cause’s relaunch right around the corner, we wanted to launch our new blog as a way for you to get to know more about our goals, who we are, and also to share the best information we can with you about pet care, rescues, adoption, and philanthropy.

A little bit about me, as an animal lover I started a pet sitting business when I was 10 years old. I continued pet sitting for 15 years until I took a hiatus in order to foster a shelter dog named Misty, pictured above. While fostering Misty, I learned that a staggering 3 to 4 million shelter animals are euthanized annually. Many of these animals would have made wonderful pets.

My desire to change this statistic led to my resolve to transform my little side business into something more. On the day I sent Misty off to a wonderful rescue that found her a furever home in Washington, I decided to launch Sitting for a Cause. Sitting for a Cause started off as a pet sitting company that consisted of just myself and my dog Diamond with a two-fold mission: to provide exceptional care to pets who have homes and use 50% of the profits we earn doing so to reduce euthanasia rates by helping animals who need homes.


With our first Sitting for a Cause client, Riley

In our first two years of business, Diamond and I were able to donate over $4500 to help homeless pets. We helped pets from the Kauai Humane Society find homes on the mainland and donated to many rescues that do wonderful work to help save lives. While we are thrilled we were able to help save some lives, we want to do bigger and better things!

In January of 2015, we decided an expansion was the best option to help make a bigger difference. We are just a few weeks away from launching a brand new website where pet care professionals can advertise their services and pet parents can find professionals to help with their pet care needs. Pet parents can then book and pay for services through our site. We will take a 10% commission from the earnings of our professionals and donate 50% of our profits to animal-related causes.

We are so excited for our upcoming launch and hope we can get you excited for it too through Project Pawsitivity! Thank you for all your support through our journey so far. We can’t wait to share the next chapter of Sitting for a Cause with you!

With love and gratitude,

Ashley and Diamond