What My Pet Taught Me: Lessons from Babu

life lessons from pets

Throughout my childhood and early adult life, I was never the biggest cat person. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without my precious kitty, Babu. The connection I have with him is one I never thought was possible.

When I first rescued him, he was still a little wild one which put my patience and understanding to the test. Babu loves attention and used to think the best way to get it was by nibbling my nose with his sharp teeth while I was sleeping. I soon learned that he would be a sassy cat, but I also discovered that he is hands down the best at cuddling. We both grew accustomed to our different moods. If I’m doing work, he knows not to bug me but simply keeps me company. If he seems restless, I play with him with his favorite toys, or let him out on my balcony to enjoy the view and some sunlight. No matter what, we always end up snuggling at the end of the night.

Reading Babu’s actions and feelings has taught me mindfulness and how to be perceptive. He has also taught me a lot about responsibility. Before Babu, I didn’t have anyone else to look after. He’s shown me the immense feeling of gratitude for being able to take care of him, and all the rewards I get from it.

He also taught me about trust. Sometimes Babu is difficult and tries to run away from home. This was the hardest aspect of taking care of my cat that I’ve had to face. Babu disappeared for four weeks about a year ago. I felt so heartbroken. A piece of me ran away, and I thought I was to blame. Once he showed up on my front door step, articulating the Pokémon noises he loves to make, I knew he never wanted to leave for that long. He looked so excited and relieved to finally make it home after being lost. This was one of the greatest feelings for me.

Babu and I share an amazing bond. It seems as though we truly communicate. Him through nose licks and meowing, and me through the amount of time I make sure to spend with him, so he knows he’s loved. When I’m feeling down, lying in bed in need of comfort, he immediately is nuzzled under my chin. When he is in need of attention, I take a break from what I’m doing, and play hide and seek with him. Yes, we really do play hide and seek. He’s very good at seeking. Whether Babu is scampering towards me with his belly swinging side to side, nudging his face into mine, or being a rascal and knocking over my water cups, he will never cease to make me smile and laugh. He has brought a sense of comfort and consistency to my life, and I am forever grateful for it as well as the life lessons he has taught me.

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