14 Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

While many of us don’t like to think about it, there will come a time in your life when you will face the loss of a pet. When coping with the loss of a pet, it is important to think of the ways to commemorate the time spent with your loved one.

Here are seven ways to memorialize your pet!

1. Keep their tag

Most pets will have plenty of collars in their lifetime, but the one tag with their name on it seems to last forever. This can be a simple keepsake that allows you to remember your furry friend. Ever since my dog passed, my dad has kept his tag hanging from a chain on his rearview mirror in his car.

2. Repurpose their stuff

Getting rid of your pet’s belongings can be an emotional rollercoaster. Instead of trying to work up the strength to clear out your pet’s stuff, find a way to repurpose some belongings instead. Consider creating a collar candle or a dog tag bracelet!

3. Make a book

A picture speaks a thousand words. Many of us collect tons of photos our pets and share them endlessly. Websites such as Shutterfly offers photo books you can create and have in your home as your own personalized coffee table book to memorialize your pet.

4. Plush Remembrance

When I was a child, I had a plush lamb that provided me with comfort in the hardest of times. I carried Lamby around with me everywhere I went. When I got older, I got my first dog, Rico. He was everything I loved about my plush lamb and more. Cuddle Clones has provided the comfort of both in one. If you’re missing your pet, you can get them recreated in plush form.

5. Get a tattoo

While I have seen this one frequently, it is a clever idea to remember your pet by. Whether it be the date your animal passed or their paw print, the options are endless. As with any tattoo, this will be a permanent memorial for your pet so make sure you are ready for that level of commitment. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.

6. Share their favorite thing

Through some emotional Facebook posts, I have seen this done time and time again. Owners will often leave tennis balls or a stack of toys at dog parks for others to enjoy. Although you may have lost your companion, their favorite toy can be enjoyed by those who haven’t as a way to remember your pet.

7. Art

Maybe tattoos aren’t your thing, but everyone can appreciate a fine work of art. If you are not artistically inclined, have an artist draw or paint a picture of your pet. A work of art can live forever!

8. Customized dog socks

Some ideas are good for your living pets as well. While scrolling through social media, I came across Puppy Socks. This company will make socks, t-shirts, leggings, and blankets with a picture of your dog on them!

9. Donate to charity

After a loss, one of the hardest parts can be getting rid of all of the belongings of your pet. However, these things do not have to go to waste. Find a local shelter and bring in leftover supplies and toys. Other animals in need will be very grateful for your generous donations.

10. Plant a tree

A recent trend has arisen on social media about ashes being used for the soil of a plant. Since this is possible for human ashes, I was intrigued to see if the same was true for pets. One google search led me to BioUrn. With options between flowering shrubs and evergreen trees, your pet could one day become a beautiful plant.

11. Purchase a memorial headstone

Purchasing a memorial headstone may help the family grieve with their loss. Headstones can be placed in a garden or hung up as decoration in your home.

12. Order cremation jewelry

Etsy is FILLED with shops for this specific reason. After sending in your pet ashes, it will typically take about two weeks before you receive jewelry back. With whatever jewelry of your choosing, a piece of your pet will always be with you.

13. Frame the Rainbow Bridge Poem

The Rainbow Bridge Poem reminds a pet parents that their pet will be safe even though they are gone. When their pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, they go to a special place that has everything they need. Those who were old regain their youth and those who were sick regain their health. The best part is that even though your pet has crossed the bridge into Heaven, they still wait for you. Having this poem around will remind an owner that one day they shall be reunited with their furry friend.

14. Make a collage

Similar to a photo album, a collage of memories reminds you of the wonderful times you were able to experience. A collage collectively shows memories with your pet without having to flip pages of a book. Consider keeping it in a shadow box or frame it.

Have you ever memorialized one of your pets? Leave a comment and share your experience with us.

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