Beat the Heat: Pet Style

While I enjoy a cute poolside Instagram post as much as the next person, summer isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Growing up in South Florida, nothing is worse than the high temperatures and brutal humidity. However, the days we spend with our toes in the sand or laying out by the pool makes the heat all worth it. Like us, our pets need to find their own version of relief. Here’s are a few pictures of our animals in full beat the heat mode!


Even cats need protection from harmful UV rays! Orion takes his eye coverage very seriously with these stylish Ray-Bans.

A Dip in the Pool

Taking the day to lounge at the pool ! #nowork #allplay #frenchie

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@SpielmanRico doesn’t hesitate when it comes to jumping in the pool for a cool off (but only if he has his float, of course).

A Trip to the Beach

As shown through the popular Instagram page, @Tofu_Corgi loves his trips to the beach with dog friends! Dog beaches are a great way for you and your pup to soak up the sun!

A Refreshing Root Beer

“‪Me waiting for the last @shanedawson Tanacon video” -Doug‬

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@ItsDougthePug sits inside with a nice cold can of soda to beat the heat. Drinking diet to keep his summer body going!

Boat Days!

Big swim lesson today !!!! #frenchiesdontswim #frenchie #hauloverbeach

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Prepared with a life jacket, @SpielmanRico remains co-captain aboard my dad’s boat. He never minds a quick dip in the ocean for some cooling off!

Just waiting till the cold comes back

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Okay so this one is just @RealGrumpyCat’s everyday expression, but he definitely looks like he wants to go back into the air conditioning! Not all of us are fit to be outside all the time.

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