7 Tips For Flying With Your Dog

As we reach the peak of summertime, many families take time to travel around the world and explore something new. While most families find temporary care for their furry friends, some wish to bring their pals along for the adventure. Wherever my dad goes, he takes our French Bulldog, Spielman. This has included any trip from a flight to Las Vegas to a day on the boat in Miami. However, with recent news tragedies involving dogs on flights, my dad has become weary of where he flies with our beloved pet. While I am not protesting the idea of traveling with your dog, I advise caution to the situation. If you decide to take your loved one with you, consider the following in your travels!

1. Account for Extra Expenses

We all know that airlines will do everything in their power to charge an arm and a leg. While you are already paying for your own ticket and luggage, you must also account for pet carrying fees. Most airlines average at about $125 to bring your pet aboard. Sometimes this is more expensive than your own ticket!

2. Research your dogs breed!

Some breeds will fly better than others. While some have the capability to be stored in cargo, this is not feasible for all. Pugs for example, a breed with short-noses, are likely to experience breathing issues in high altitudes. Therefore, vets recommend not taking pugs on flights.

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3. Pack all the necessities

One of the simplest mistakes to be made when traveling is to forget a necessity at home. While you can always manage to find something in the airport for your needs, your animals’ needs may not be so simple to find. Double check for food, a water dish and any item your pet uses daily. Keeping these in your carry on will make layovers significantly easier!

4. Comfort! Comfort! Comfort!

If you are anything like me, days in the airport usually include a long sweater and leggings. I don’t dress to impress; I dress to sit in an aircraft for a few hours. Since most of us strive for comfort, don’t think your pooch is any different! A comfortable animal carrier can make a world of a difference. The more comfortable your pet feels, the better the day goes for you.

5. Potty Pads

No matter how well-trained your dog is, there is a huge chance they may have to tinkle on the flight. By lining the bottom of your animal carrier with Potty Pads, such as ones made by Frisco, you are less likely to have a mess to clean up. Many pads also include an odor-eliminating agent to prevent a smell.

6. Take your dog on a long, tiring walk before the airport.

By taking your dog on a long walk before leaving to the airport, your dog will most likely want to sleep for the remainder of traveling. A sleeping pup is a happy pup! As an added bonus, the long walk will ensure your dog gets the proper amount of exercise for the day!

7. Be aware of people

Within an average airport, multiple terminals include multiple airlines running multiple flights on multiple runways. This adds up to a high population of people in a contained area. Keep in mind how busy airports are when traveling with your pet. Some pets will get anxiety around high volumes of people and are better off at home.

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To travel with your pet or keep them at home, the choice is yours. In the end, consider all the factors that come into play when catching that fight. Most importantly, if you decide to fly with your pet, enjoy the journey and exploration that is to come!