6 Steps to Take when Introducing a New Pup to Your Pup

Bringing a second dog home is exciting, and rewarding! However, for your pup at home, it can be a scary experience.

Here are 5 helpful measures you can take to make sure the moment they meet goes as smoothly as possible!

Introducing Pups1. Have Them Meet on Neutral Ground First

It’s important that the first time your pups meet, they meet on neutral ground and not in your home or in a place that’s familiar to them. The reason that this is important is because if you introduce your new pup in the home right away, your original pup may see this as an invasion of their territory and react negatively. Instead, have them meet in a large, unfamiliar area, such as a park or field they’ve never been to before!

2. Have Them Leashed

When you first introduce them to each other, make sure they are leashed to ensure that neither of them will get too excited and jump on the other one.

3. Keep Them Separated in Your Home

Before both dogs meet, keep them separated in your home. Let your new pup roam the house for about 20 minutes every day for a week, to get them used to their new living spaces and to get their scent accustomed to the house. While your new pup is getting used to the house, give a blanket or an item of theirs with their scent on it to your first pup, to get him or her even more accustomed to the scent of your new pup.

4. Share Your Time

Introducing dogs Your new pup may need lots of time and attention, but don’t forget to give your other pup just as much of your time! Dog jealousy is a common occurrence for dogs who feel like they aren’t getting enough attention from their owners.

5. Use Gates

If the dogs are going to be left alone during the day, it’s important to keep them separated to avoid a potential altercation. You can use doggy gates to create borders between them until they get to know each other a bit better.

6. Take Them for Walks

With the assistance of a friend or family member, walk your old and new pups together. Over time, this will help them realize that they are part of the same pack. Consistent walks are essential for ensuring that they get closer to one another.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for helping a new and resident pup bond with each other? Comment below and let us know!

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