5 Ways to Help Your Pet Adjust to Their New Home

Bringing pets into a new home can be stressful. It’s a new world with unknown rules and new smells.
When I first brought my cat Smudge home, I opened her carrier and allowed her to come out on her own. Letting her sniff around the room, I sat and watched her explore. Letting her see the room helped her calm down from the long car ride. I then picked her up and placed her in her litter box, so she would know where it was. She was a kitten at the time, so I wanted to make sure she could find it. I then gave her some food and water, making sure she knew where to find those too.

She took her time and slowly began to act like her cute, kitten self again. I just needed to give her a little time to check the place out on her own.

Picture2Here are a few simple tips to better accommodate your pet:

1. Favorite Item

Some pets have a favorite item: bath towel, blanket, toy, etc. Make sure this item is at hand in either a quiet space or their pet bed. It’s like a security blanket to them. It’s something familiar in their new surroundings.

2. Their own space

If you have a pet bed or crate that your pet enjoys sleeping on, put it in a quiet place. This will give your pet some room to relax. And if you’re still moving stuff into a new home, it might even keep your pet out of your way when your emptying boxes. Making sure they have their own space is a good way to help them acclimate to their surroundings.

3. Continue your routine

Purina suggests continuing your same routine to help your cat adjust. By making it seem like everything is normal, your pet will start to feel the normality of the new surroundings.

Purina also suggests taking your dog on a personal tour on a leash. The leash will make them feel comfortable, and showing them around and allowing them to sniff will help them adapt to the new environment.

Picture14. Let Your Cat Hide

If you have a cat, Paws recommends allowing him or her to hide. Cats feel more secure when in dark, closed spaces, so don’t be alarmed if your kitty hides for a few days. Make sure their food and water are nearby. Also, if you could, keeping visitors to a minimum will help your kitty adjust more quickly. My cat liked to hide under the couch for a while, so I would talk to her. I talked so she would get used to my voice and feel comfortable, but I didn’t try to dig her out from under the couch. I let her come out on her own.

5. Safety First

Purina also suggests before you let your pet explore the house, make sure the area is safe for them. Hide any cords and keep all windows and doors shut. Check for things your pet might want to chew on and remove those items from your pet’s reach. This will ensure your pet a safe adventure through its new surroundings.

Have you ever brought a new pet home? How did you help him or her adjust? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment!

Feature Photo Credit:  Ray Larabie

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