5 New Years Resolutions that Include Your Pet

Every year we think of ways to better ourselves by making resolutions to change daily habits or mindsets. Why not include your pet on this year’s list? There are plenty of ways to involve your pet into your resolutions. Here are our top 5 suggestions!

Image Credit: FaceMePLS

Image Credit: FaceMePLS

1. Get Healthy Together

Many people want to either eat better or exercise more. Your pet could probably use some more exercise and a better diet as well. Start by researching good ingredients for your pet and by reading the labels on your pet food to guarantee your pet is getting a balanced diet. You can also begin to measure your pet’s food to ensure they aren’t overeating.

If you plan to exercise more, make time to exercise your pet too! Dogs can be taken for more walks; cats can be played with indoors. There are many ways to get your pet active; all you have to do is start the fun!

Image Credit: patti

Image Credit: patti

2. New Year, New ‘Do

Getting a makeover for the new year makes people feel great about themselves and gives them a fresh start. Why not let your pet experience the same quality treatment? By getting your pet groomed, they are less likely to shed excess hair, and it makes their coat healthier. Brushing and nail clipping can also be done at home. Just make sure when nail clipping, you are extra careful not to cut too far because you can hurt your pet. A groomer is a professional, so maybe save the nail clipping for them!

3. Update Records

If you plan to organize your paperwork, make sure to include your pet ID information! If

Image Credit: Greg Dunlap

Image Credit: Greg Dunlap

you had an address or phone number change, it’s a good idea to make sure your pet ID is up to date before your pet is lost. Hopefully your pet will never be lost, but having an up-to-date ID can ensure a quick, and save return if your pet is ever missing.

4. Doctor’s Visits

Don’t forget to have a check-up scheduled for your pet too! Vet visits are important to make sure your animal is happy and healthy. Detecting potential medical issues such as diabetes and arthritis early can help prevent the issue from getting too serious. A vet visit is also a good opportunity to ask any questions about diets or behavioral problems as well.

Image Credit: torbakhopper

Image Credit: torbakhopper

5. Quality Time

If you are a busy bee, setting time aside to cuddle or play with a pet would be a great improvement on your friendship. Pets, even the grumpy ones, need some love and attention. Some TLC time will relax both you and your pet, and will strengthen the bonds you developed.

A new year is a good time to think about the positive changes we can make to enrich our lives. This year, include your pet in the plan!

Do you have any pet friendly New Years resolutions? Leave a comment below with your pet resolutions!

Featured Image Credit: Colin Knowles (modified)

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