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Welcome to Project Pawsitivity! Launched in 2015, we aim to be your go to source for all things pet related, from pet care to awesome rescue groups to philanthropy and more!

Our goal is to bring about change to the shelter system in the United States. Currently, 3-4 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year. We want to help reduce that number through education as well as our website, Sitting for a Cause.

If you are a pet parent or pet care professional, be sure to sign up for a Sitting with a Cause account to help us save lives through pet care that gives back. Also, be sure to check back with us weekly for awesome articles on all things pets!

Meet Our Writers:



Ashley Jacobs
Ashley is the CEO and founder of Sitting for a Cause. She is a UCSB graduate and resides in Newport Beach, CA with her dog, Diamond.



Cheyenne Cooley


Cheyenne Cooley

Cheyenne is currently attending Northern Kentucky University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Creative Writing with a minor in Popular Culture Studies. She lives in Highland Heights, KY as well as Danville, KY, and is the proud mother of a gorgeous seven-year-old cat named Saya.



Clayton Stoneking



Clayton Stoneking

Clayton is from New Jersey and currently lives in Galloway NJ attending Stockton University. He majors in Literature with a concentration in creative writing. He has a two year old cat named Sebastian as well as 12 adorable furry rats.




Chloe Becker

Chloe Becker is a student as Michigan State University, finishing up a degree in professional writing with a concentration in environmental and sustainability studies. She lives in East Lansing with her two kitties, bunny, and tarantula.





Andrew Howland

Andrew Howland lives in Vermont, where he currently is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communications with a concentration in professional writing. He is currently between pets, and can’t wait to rescue another new best friend.



Project Pawsitivity is run by Whole Sum, LLC DBA Sitting for a Cause.


  • Frankie

    Good morning!

    In reading about the recent merger of DogVacay/Rover I find myself sickened. I have been a host with DogVacay since their beginning and have been proud to do so. Seattle is my hometown, but I have harsh words for Rover, which I will bite my lip about. Business is business and that’s all I can say !

    I have worked long and hard establishing my own daycare/boarding business from my home for the past 7yrs, with much success and a loyal following. Although we are very “local”. DogVacay served as a “supplement” to my business and they have always treated me with kind and professional care. I have never had a problem with them!

    Anyhow, the light shines through all of this because I found YOU!! Your mission is much like ours and I feel warm and fuzzy about you. Giving back is a big spot in my heart. I volunteer/foster for my local animal adoption shelter and have seen the good, bad and ugly side of humans. Dogs have been a big part of my life ever since I was a young girl bringing home strays and driving my parents crazy with it. Currently I am owned by a 14 lb. Shih Tzu who is blind due to a domestic violence case though the shelter. He’s awesome and a very happy pup !

    I would be very happy to get the word out about Sitting for a Cause ! (I’m good about such things) and possibly becoming a host.

    Is you insurance purchased by the host or??

    Thank you,

    • Hi Frankie! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m emailing you right now to answer your questions and so appreciate your positive words of encouragement! Talk soon.

  • Juliette

    Hello. I’m a pet lover and I have been working as a pet sitter on Rover and on the side also. I have 2 years of experience and I would love to know more about your cause. I’m in the process of moving to Hawaii this week and I’m looking forward to start working there as a pet sitter. I would like to know there is insurance for my clients’ pets.

    • Hi Juliette! Thank you so much for your comment. What island are you moving to? We are always looking to add sitters in Hawaii! We donate 50% of our website profits (earned from the 10% commission we charge on your earnings which is 5%-10% less than Rover charges) to animal rescues and shelters. We currently offer insurance through our policy at a discounted rate for our sitters (anywhere from $100-$150+ less than you’d pay for your own policy). Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope you’ll consider joining us.

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