The Best Toys for Your Dog’s Personality

dog toy

Oftentimes we think dogs can play with anything. However, there are unsafe objects and toys for dogs. Things such as strings, hair ties, children’s toys, and other household items can be harmful when swallowed. When picking the right toy for your dog, you should consider your dog’s size, activity level, preferences, and the environment in which they play. Some dogs like […]

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Best Doggy Destinations – Houston

Welcome to Best Doggy Destinations! This week we’re heading down south to Houston, Texas for some dog-friendly attractions that you and your pup should check out! 1. West Alabama Ice House A known hotspot for locals and tourists alike, West Alabama Ice House is a dog-friendly establishment with picnic tables, water fountains, pool tables and a basketball court. Take a seat […]

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Best Doggy Destinations: Virginia Beach

Welcome to Best Doggy Destinations! This week we’re featuring the popular vacation spot: Virginia Beach, Virginia! Grab your flip-flops, beach ball and a camera, because you and your pup will be making memories you won’t want to forget! 1. Oceanfront Perhaps the most popular attraction in Virginia Beach, the Oceanfront includes a three-mile boardwalk lined with water fountains, benches and shaved […]

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