Five Pet-Related April Holidays

As pet owners, we are always looking for ways to celebrate our pets and raise awareness for pet concerns. The month of April has several ways we can do that, from promoting pet health, to adopting a new pet, and everything in between. 1. National Adopt a Greyhound Month This promotes adoptions for former racing Greyhounds. Racing Greyhounds spend their […]

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Writer Feature: Why Adopt Instead of Shop?

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern, Crista! Crista lives in Princess Anne, Maryland and attends University of Maryland Eastern Shore to study aerospace engineering. On breaks she returns to Rockville, Maryland to stay with her family and favorite dog, Mystic. Thousands of animals are brought into homes every year, some into homes that have already had animals and some […]

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Writer Feature: Why I Support Animal Adoption

Editor’s Note: Please welcome our newest intern, Alicia! Alicia currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland and attends McGill University where she studies political science and communication studies. She lives with her family and their two dogs, Holly and Rosie. The first thing anyone notices when setting foot in our house is all the pets jumping and running around. Ever since I was […]

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