Cats and Coffee: What More Do You Need?

Jump back to 2014 when the United States was first introduced to the concept of “cat café’s.” The overall feel involves the soothing comfort of a coffee shop with a coziness of cats surrounding the area. The idea has been around for a few years and was a creative way to introduce adoptable cats to the public. If you have a love of coffee and a love of feline friends, a visit to one of these cafés may be in your near future.

When I had first heard about the idea, I was impressed. Imagine going through your daily routine of getting coffee and coming home with a cuddly companion in tow. By having cats within the café, you are more likely to find a cat that you are compatible with especially if you are looking to adopt. It allows the cat to approach those who it wishes too, and can avoid people it may not want to interact with. The cats are kept in a much more natural environment and do not have to be locked away like in many pet stores or shelters. The only downside at the time of first being introduced in the United States, locations were very sparse. I had only heard of ones in big cities such as New York, Chicago, and L.A. However during a recent stressful finals week, I was able to find one in Tallahassee where I go to school.

Only a short drive from Florida State University, Fat Cat Café provided the best experience possible for my first cat café. When I first walked in, I was excited about the setup. I was greeted immediately and offered a beverage. Before entering a room with all of the cats, you are required to pay for the time you wish to stay and any beverages of your choosing. Next thing I knew, I was led into pet paradise. As I walked into the room of cats, plenty of cats came rushing my way. All of these lovely kittens were ready to be pet and played with. It was a great getaway from the stress that school can induce.

Whether you are looking to adopt a cat or just get away from the stress of life, cat cafes can provide a quick getaway and time to bond. As their popularity grows, I highly suggest looking for one in your area and giving it a try! The popularity has grown since they were initially introduced. According to Meow Around, there are currently 112 cat cafes in North America. Check out their site to find one near you!

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