10 Best Pet Christmas Fails

Pets all around the world are feeling the Christmas spirit reappear after going without it for the last 11 months. Although they may not understand the meaning of Christmas, or why we humans make such a big deal out of it, they are always working their best to please us, even if sometimes it doesn’t turn out quite like they had expected.

Here are 10 of the best pet fails we felt were worthy of sharing with you!

  1. Because this is totally normal
  2. These cat Christmas tree fails
  3. I got my daughter a pony for Christmas!
  4. “It wasn’t me, I promise!”
  5. What are you doing hooman?
  6. Grumpy cat!

  7. I was staaaarving!

  8. “I’m helping you stay healthy by eating these cookies for you”

  9. Pretty sure these aren’t huskies

  10. They will just think Santa ate them!

What are your favorite pet Christmas fails? Leave a comment and let us know!

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