4 Must-Have Brushes for Shedding Pets

Let’s be honest here: our pets shed. A lot. So much so that it almost seems that you’ve grown a new dog or cat purely off of the hair that they’ve shed. It’s a lot to tackle sometimes, especially when you can’t sweep or vacuum your home every single day. But, thanks to growing technology, we’ve come up with new ways to reduce shedding. Most of these technologies come in the form of brushes, leaving the question: which brush is the best to reduce your pets shedding?

Dogs and cats, like humans, have very unique hair types that require specific brushes. Tip: if your dog or cat is a specific breed, it may be prudent to do some personal research to figure out which brush is best for your pet’s coat.

That being said, here are 4 brushes that are not only price-savvy, but will do wonders for your pet’s shedding.

1. FURminator

The FURminator brand sells brushes for both dogs and cats and has good reviews to prove that you get what you pay for. They sell brushes for all sizes, shapes, and hair thickness/thinness. Depending on what you need for your cat or dog, the prices for the brushes range from about $20-$40. It may seem a little pricey, but the raving reviews make it worth it. You can also look elsewhere for better deals in-stores or online!

2. SleekEZ Original Deshedding Grooming Tool

SleekEZ makes many brushes for different kinds of animals. While it’s very simple in its design, this deshedder works wonders. It looks more like a block with a deshedding blade than a brush, but it gets the job done. The price can range up to about $20, depending on where you search. Just think about how nice your pets will look after—the $20 is definitely worth it.

3. HappyDogz Shedding Brush

Talk about double-duty! The HappyDogz Shedding Brush covers both dogs and cats, costs below $20, and is suitable for all breeds and coats. It’s not as good as the FURminator, but it’s pretty close. It comes with an easy handle, so it really feels like you’re brushing your dog, when the reality is that you’re getting rid of all that hair!

4. The Pet Portal Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Yes, you heard right: self-cleaning. This handy brush has a button that retracts the blades into the head of the brush, meaning, when you finish brushing your pet, you can easily wipe the hair away from the brush and into the nearest trash can! This brush is for dogs only, and it costs about $20. That’s not a bad price!

Depending on what your budget looks like, you can afford a majority of the brushes on this list if you’re looking for a deshedder that will get the job done right. You may have to have a trial-and-error run because your pet may be more uncomfortable with some rather than others. It’s always important to remember to ensure your pet is comfortable when deshedding them! If you’re still not sure, try doing some research on your own—there may be brushes out there that haven’t been discovered by the masses yet! In the end, the most important thing is that your pet’s hygiene is a little better and your house is less hairy.

What brush do you use on your pets to minimize shedding? Leave a comment and let us know!