Saving The Lives of At-Risk Dogs and Cats: The Pet Rescue Center

Welcome to Featured Rescue Friday, a series where we share with you an awesome rescue that should be on your radar. This week we are featuring The Pet Rescue Center! The Pet Rescue Center was founded in 2007 by Blythe Wheaton and her husband, Dr. Matthew Wheaton. Together, this animal-loving couple wanted to create a rescue that would address the […]

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Checking Your Kitty’s Health With Color Changing Litter

Cats are masters of hiding illness or pain.  Typically, the only indication a cat owner may have regarding the little tiger’s issue is when they become reclusive or start acting strangely.  Even then it can take pet parents a little while to pick up on subtle behavior changes in pets that are notorious for their tendencies to be aloof at times.  That’s […]

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