CBD Saved My Dog’s Life

If there’s one thing pet owners can all agree upon, it’s that saying goodbye to your furry loved one is the absolute WORST part of pet ownership. And, oftentimes, making the decision to say goodbye to them is the hardest decision you may ever make.

One year ago, I thought I was going to have to make the decision to say goodbye to Dimes, my beloved pup and the adorable face of Sitting for a Cause. At 10 1/2 years old, she had been declining for awhile due to arthritis, but she suddenly went into a tail spin. Not only was it horrible to watch, but it was beyond heartbreaking to try to come to terms with the fact that my best friend might not be with me for much longer. I thought I was prepared for something like this, but when reality hit, it was a surreal nightmare.

Visits to the vet and subsequent x-rays revealed she had no cartilage in her spine. She was in pain. She couldn’t get up without help. She couldn’t walk farther than our front yard, a far cry from the half mile walks she had been doing in the months prior. She couldn’t stay standing to eat her meals. She was not enjoying life like she used to. It was awful.

The vet prescribed medication after medication for her. We tried different pain killers and anti-inflammatories with the hope they would make her better. They only made her worse. I looked into acupuncture and even stem cell therapy. I wanted to make sure I had left no stone unturned when it came to helping her. I couldn’t say goodbye without knowing I had done everything in my power to give her a chance.

Then someone recommended CBD. Anyone who knows me knows I’m very anti-pot anything. But…desperate times called for desperate measures. For Dimes, I was willing to give it a try.

We spent a couple days getting the prescription meds out of her system. I researched the heck out of CBD oils and decided on Honest Paws Hemp Oil. I purchased it and hoped for the best. She HATED it, getting it into her mouth was a chore. I was not optimistic it would work.

After 2 doses, we saw a considerable difference in her mobility. I was completely blown away. But, with increased mobility came a greater fight from her each time I tried to give her her needed dose. Something had to change. She needed to stay on CBD, but she also needed to be able to take it without getting worked up.

A friend of my mom’s recommended Therabis Up and Moving Powder. One dose each day in powder form sprinkled directly on the her food. THAT was the key. Dimes had no issues with taking her CBD in that form!

If you had told me a year ago that Dimes would still be with us, I wouldn’t have believed you but one year later, Dimes is still up and moving. At 11 1/2, she’s understandably not as active as she used to be, but she’s able to stay standing to eat her food, get up off the floor on her own, and go on decent walks for a dog her age. She’s still enjoying life. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’ve waited so long to tell our story because part of me didn’t want to jinx it. At her age, every day is a gift, but it is a gift we have thanks to CBD and if our story can help even one person and their pup, this was a story that I needed to tell.

So yes, CBD saved my dog’s life.