4 Ways for Your Cat to Have a Purrfect Easter

With Easter right around the corner, some of you might be wondering how you can get your feline friends in on the fun. There are a few different ways to include your pets with the festivities, like an Easter egg hunt, cat-friendly Easter baskets and more!

Here are 4 ways to include your cat this Easter.

  1. Build a basket. Making an Easter basket for a pet is just as fun as making one for a child or a friend. With a cat’s Easter basket, however be sure everything you utilize is safe for them to consume and/or play with. Catnip is a must have for many cat treats and toys. Some more ideas for a basket could be:
    1. Catnip plant in place of grass
    2. Plush toys treated with catnip
    3. Gourmet and/or low calorie kitty treats
    4. Bouncing or lattice balls
    5. Bell toys
    6. Feather teasers
  2. Have an Easter egg hunt: By using plastic eggs that aren’t so small they can be swallowed but instead big enough to be batted around, you can create an enticing hunt for your feline friend to enjoy. Fill a few plastic eggs with treats or catnip and hide them, allowing your cat an enriching experience of searching for them and pouncing on their prey. Also be sure that the eggs will in fact “crack,” at some point so the kitty can reap the benefits of hunting them down.
  3. Decoration dangers: Keep in mind that some spring flowers and Easter decorations can be dangerous for our cats. For example, Lily-like flowers 4 Ways for Your Cat to Have a Purrfect Eastercan cause kidney failure in cats. An alternative to these would be to decorate with violets or even fake flowers. They’re just as beautiful and don’t pose a threat to the health of your felines! In addition to flowers, the Easter grass we typically line our baskets with should also be avoided. If you’re going to use grass, use  paper if it’s absolutely necessary. If you are using woven baskets, make sure that they are well made and not likely to splinter, otherwise your cat runs the risk of choking on the broken pieces. Plastic buckets would be a slightly better and safer bet!
  4. Guests: Easter is sometimes a time when you have family and various guests in and out of your home. This can introduce the risk of your feline getting out of the house or getting stuck in an uncomfortable situation with strangers. Perhaps make sure that your cat is secured in a bedroom or other room with everything they need inside with them. If you still want them to come and go as they like, simply remind guests to close doors behind them so the cat is confined to a controlled space where you can keep an eye on them.

Easter is a fun holiday to spend with family and your animals. Easter egg hunts, family dinners, parties are all fun events but it’s always important to make sure your cat is comfortable and safe as well.

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