5 Tips for Owning Your First Cat

Many people think that cats are one of the best animals to have. However, many of these people who adopt or are thinking of adopting a cat have no idea how to take care of one, the certain health precautions to take, toys to buy, and other necessities cat owners have to be aware of.

If you are thinking about adding a feline to your family, here are 5 things to keep in mind.

1. Social Needs.

More often than not, cats are not as sociable as dogs. It’s best to slowly introduce your new cat to your home, family, friends, and other pets you may have that the cat will have to live with. It may even be beneficial to adopt another cat in the future so yours can have a friend to bond with. That being said, all cats have different personalities, so test the waters and see if your cat will accept or deny another feline family member.

 2. Food

There are hundreds of foods made specifically for cats, but not all foods are created equal. Depending on issues the cat you adopt may have with its health and diet, you’ll have to do some serious research into possible foods and allow your cat to sample foods before making a final decision. There also may be changes with the food your cat is fine with as time passes since the aging of your animal can change its dietary needs. When in doubt, consult with animal nutritionists to find the right food for your cat.

 3. Health

Cats are very good at hiding symptoms of diseases and underlying health issues. It is important to visit a veterinarian in order to provide the best care for your cat. Skimping on health checks can result in your cat not living its life comfortably because of health problems that were overlooked by cheap check ups. Spaying or neutering your cat will also improve its health due to possible risk factors related to ovarian or testicular problems that occur when your feline is not fixed.

4. Toys

Similar to dogs, cats find enjoyment in toys such as catnip, bells, faux mice, and puzzle games that can help them stay active in their environment. Unlike many misconceptions about catnip causing negative effects to your pet, it can actually increase their activity in your house if your cat is not an outdoor pet. There are many different toys for owners to choose from when deciding which is best for their cat.

5. Nail Care

Cats are born with very sharp, sometimes dangerous claws that an owner should take care of. If you choose to have your cat as mostly as an outdoor feline, then the best thing for you to do in this case is to simply trim their nails every week or so when you see they’ve grown since cats need nails if they are kept outside. If your cat is strictly indoor, there are many options to help you and your cat live with its nails, for example nail caps sold in most pet stores that are similar to acrylics humans get on theirs. These nail caps help your cat from hurting itself or others as well as protecting it from getting stuck on furniture.


By following these simple tips, you will find that your first time owning a cat can be a positive experience. When taken care of properly, cats can make one of the best pets for any household.

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  • Ken Hwan

    I like your idea to test the waters and see if my cat would like another feline friend before jumping to conclusions. I’m thinking of buying a kitten and was wondering if buying two would be better. It’s a good idea to just buy one and to see how the kitten interacts with others before assuming it needs a friend.

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