10 Things to Tell Your Cat Sitter About Your Cat

10 Things to Tell Your Cat Sitter About Your Cat

Getting your cat ready for you to be away on vacation can be stressful for both you and kitty; you have to pack your essentials, make sure they have theirs,  and ensure you’ve explained their care instructions to their sitter to ensure purrfect care in your absence. But what exactly should you share with your sitter about your kitty?

Here are 10 things you should tell your cat sitter about your cat:

1. What and when does your cat eat? If your cat has a specific diet or time to eat, make sure to let your sitter know about it. It’s a good idea to let them know details like how much food to give the cat and, if they are finicky eaters, tell the sitter the best way to make your cat eat their meal. Also be sure that the sitter knows where the food is located and that there is more than enough to last for the time you’re gone.

things to tell you cat sitter2. Is your cat on medication? Does kitty have a special medication he or she has to take for a health condition? It’s very important to clearly instruct your sitter on how to administer the medication as well as how much and how often. Writing those same instructions down so the sitter has them for reference is a good idea.

3. What is their favorite thing to play with? Some cats like to play with real toys that you buy from stores and some are content with a crumpled up piece of paper, a bottle cap, or a pen to bat around. Be sure to show the sitter where the toys are kept for play time.

4. Where is the pet carrier? Say that the sitter is taking your cat to a veterinary appointment for you while you’re gone. They need to know where the pet carrier is and the best ways to get the cat inside it with little fighting. Saya has to be chased down whenever I need to put her in her carrier, so I try to hide it until I can get her relaxed and snuggling with me, then I take her to it and put her inside.

5. Do they exhibit any special behaviors? Maybe kitty likes to be on an elevated surface to eat his or her meals, or maybe when they get playful they roll around on their backs in the middle of the floor. Whatever the strange quirk may be, make sure to tell the cat sitter. This could also be a way for them to keep tabs on if you cat is feeling okay.

10 Things to Tell Your Cat Sitter About Your Cat6. Where is kitty’s favorite hiding place? Sometimes our cats like to be on their own to relax or even to hide if something has them spooked. If your cat has particular hiding places, you should inform your sitter about them to avoid any unnecessary scares.

7. Is there anything that should be kept away from the cat? My cat, Saya loves chewing on plastic bags when she can get away with it, but it makes her sick. If there’s something that your cat loves to get into but you aren’t too fond of, the cat sitter needs to be made aware of that to keep your cat safe and healthy.

8. Are they an escape artist in training? Some cats see an open door and go for it. For obvious reasons, your sitter should be told ahead of time if your cat is a runner so they can come inside quickly and keep fluffy inside as well.

9. Do they have allergies? Some cats are allergic to dust or perfume just like people. Let your sitter know about these allergies, how to prevent a reaction if possible, as well as what to do if your cat has an attack.

10 Things to Tell Your Cat Sitter About Your Cat10. Emergency contacts. Probably the most important thing to share is a list of emergency contact numbers for your sitter. The list should include your number, as well as the phone number of someone that will be with you, a number for a friend or family member that lives nearby, your veterinarian’s phone number, and the number to reach your landlord.

Cat sitters are wonderful, helpful people, but they can only take great care of your cat with the details that you give them. It’s important to remember that relaying all this information verbally as well as writing it down for reference are great ways to keep the communication between the two of you clear.

Have you ever hired a sitter to watch your cat? What information did you make sure to tell them? Leave a comment and let us know!

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