10 Best Cat Beds to Keep Your Cat Comfy

Looking for a great cat bed can be a struggle since there are so many options. Online shopping makes it even harder with all the choices and great prices for new cat beds.

Here is a list of some of the best cat beds available based on age, interests and season.

1. Best Bed for Kittens: Paws & Pals 2-in-1 Cat Pet Bed

This bed is great for a playful kitten or a cat that you don’t know what they type bed they like yet. The bed has two options, one as a tube for a covered sleeping area or play tunnel or it can be a flat mat. The materials used are designed to trap the cat’s heat to keep them warm and the bed is machine washable.

Stars: 4.1 out of 397 reviews

Review from October 2016:

Took a little while for the kittens to warm up to their bed/tunnel, but now they have a blast chasing each other through it! Only one of them, I just adopted a trio of boys, curls up in it so far, but he is the ring leader and I am sure the other two will follow suit. Love that it is machine washable! Will update on how it holds up after the first wash.

2. Best Bed for Adult Cats: Collapsible Cat House

This box makes a great hiding place and bed for your cat. The walls are made with a sturdy cardboard that can hold up to 130 lbs and is covered in soft fabric. The holes in the box make it grate for cats to play around and in especially if there are multiple cats. This bed works great for any cat that likes to hide away or wants their own space but also gives them the option to be on top where they can see everything.

Stars: 4.6 out of 21 reviews

Review from September 2017:

My cats really like this cube. Especially they like to play with each other through those small holes on each side. One of them likes to sleep inside, the other likes to sleep on the top. Also, I think the design and color are pretty cute. It can be a decoration for my apartment.

3. Best Bed for Senior Cats: Good Life Solution Luxury Pet Bed

This bed is made with durable materials and a waterproof bottom. The soft fluffy cushion can be pulled out to wash the two pieces in the washing machine. The sidewalls are sturdy enough to support an older cat and the bottom is soft on their joints. It’s great for cats who like to curl up while they sleep and the low front wall makes it easier for older cats who may not move as well get in when they are sleepy.

Stars: 4.7 out of 198 reviews

Review from December 2017:

This bed is fantastic. It has been a favorite of our almost full grown cat and now the new kitten is all about getting in there with her. She loves the high sides. Most beds don’t have this feature. They are also sturdy enough to hold up to a little kitten crowding in there with her. She can hide in there and peer out through the notch. This bed has a great cushiony bottom to it, way better than others. It has held up really well and I plan to buy another soon.

4. Best Bed for Cats Who Like to Scratch Furniture: Paws & Pals Cat Scratcher Post Lounger

This scratcher and lounge is great for a cat who loves to scratch on their beds and other furniture. The whole lounge is made out of cardboard that your cat can scratch on to keep healthy nails and can be flipped over when the top gets too worn down. The curve in the top of the bed makes for a great sleep place for a cat.

Stars 4.8 out of 89 reviews

Review from November 2017:

This is the best thing we’ve ever bought for any of our cats, ever! Our cat Charlie lounges on it all the time, plus uses it as a scratching area much more than any scratching post we’ve ever had. He also loves to hide his toys in the space under and then pounces on them. So it’s not just a lounger and scratching post but a play area as well. He knew what it was as soon as we took it out of the box and took possession of it immediately. Great product!

5. Best Bed for Cats Who Like to Look Out the WindowL.S Cat Bed Window Hammock Perch

This bed gives your cat a wonderful view out of the window and gives them a bed out of the way. The bed uses suction cups to hang the bed from the window which gives them a safe ledge to lay on and watch out the window to see the world. The bed has a metal frame and removable, plush cover that is easy to toss in the washing machine.

Stars: 3.9 out of 12 reviews

Review from January 2018:

Probably the most favored sleeping spot in The house during the day. It is quite large, plenty of room for 2 large cats. Not to hard to put up once you figure out how to attach the 2 top suction cups to the window.

6. Best Bed for Cats Who Like Their Privacy: HotelPaw Shark Pet House

This bed is great for cats who like having their alone time. The covered design is great for cats who like to burrow and will keep your cat warm. The quiet and safe space for the cat and has a non-skid bottom so the cat doesn’t more the the bed while they are in it.

Stars: 4.3 stars out of 131 reviews

Review from June 2017:

Our cat LOVES this bed. He’s just under 10lbs and lounges comfortably in here every day. I was worried he wouldn’t like it, but after about a day or two, he was inside it all the time. It’s very cute and makes us giggle to see him in there, and I’m glad he has a cozy place to snooze. The washable cover on the inside pad is a bonus – he’s had hairballs inside and it’s been very easy to wash immediately. Highly recommend!

7. Best Bed to Keep Your Cat Warm During the Winter: Hollypet Self-warming Comfortable Tubular Cave House

This bed is great for keeping your cat warm during the winter since it keeps their heat in and stops drafts from getting to them. It can also be used in the summer as a laying mat since it collapses down flat for the cat to lay on as a bed. The bed is listed as hand wash only though so it might be best to keep it for wintertime.

Stars: 4.0 out of 68 reviews

Review from January 2018:

I purchased this for a cat that lives in my garage and he got in it within 5 min. of me putting it out! He loves it and it helps keep any drafts off him and holds in his body heat.

8. Best Bed to Keep Your Cat Cool During the SummerCusfull Cat Hammock Bed

This bed is made for hanging from the sides of a crate or under a chair to give your cat a nice place to curl up in. The hammock has two sides, a soft side for in the cold and a waterproof side to help the cat stay cool during the summer. The bed is machine washable and comes with extra straps to help hang from different places.

Stars: 4.3 out of 69 reviews

Review from October 2017:

I bought one of these for my cats to hang around in. My normally peaceful cats now fight over who gets the hammock. Worse than my kids! It is slightly larger than I expected. Made with rip-stop material on the outside, warm-fuzzy cloth on the inside. The hanging straps are secure and the hardware is sturdy enough that I don’t worry it’ll break. I’ll be picking up a couple more of these in the near future just to keep the peace in the house.

9. Best Budget Cat Bed: AmazonBasics 20in Pet Bed

This octagon shaped bed is great for any cat and only costs $16 and if you have amazon prime, the shipping is free. The raised sides help keep your cat warm and make for a nice headrest so they can watch everything going on. The top is made from a plush flannel and the sides and bottom are polyester canvas for strength and the whole bed is machine washable.

Stars: 4.4 out of 60 reviews

Review from January 2018:

I purchased for my 12.5 lb cat. Probably could have gone smaller, but she doesn’t have to curl up so tightly. Two friendly cats could definitely fit in this bed.

The bed is really nicely made with medium brown canvas on the outside and fleece on the top and insides, over very cushy stuffing. The sides are well-padded too. It took about a week for my cat to get used to it. She now sleeps in it every day. Some of the time she likes putting her chin on the top of the bed while she’s sleeping. Most of the time she just curls up in it. It’s big enough for her to stretch (the bed bends with her.) All in all, a great pet bed for the price!

10. Best Cat Bed if You Can SplurgeSONGMICS Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts

This cat tree is a great option for someone who wants to spoil their cat. The multiple levels have different places where your cat can either play or sleep. The perches all have plush tops so that the cats have a nice place to sleep and there is a hammock attached to the set for them to have options of where to sleep.  The whole device is sturdy and heavy to help prevent toppling while the cats climb all over it. The cat tree also has a scratching posts covered in rope to help care for the cat’s claws.

Stars: 4.8 out of 293 reviews

Review from April 2017:

…I can honestly say I am not dissapointed, my boy is not only a larger cat, he is huge weighing in at well over 20lbs, and the length to go with it. and this product is amazing, it is sturdy for him jumping on it, and the little hut he fits in just fine, jumps in and turns around inside it. The only thing is I do not know if he uses the hammock, but I am sure if he decides to he will be just fine on it. It is a very sturdy cat condo for its height. the carpeting on it is very soft, and the two top perches are well padded making it comfortable for him to sit on while bird watching out his window…

What cat bed do you have your cat sleep in? Leave a comment and let us know!

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