5 Ways to Support Your Local Shelter

There are few greater joys in this world than bringing a new companion home, and doing so by adopting a pet in need makes that joy all the greater. But have you ever considered giving back something to those organizations that work tirelessly to place deserving animals in new homes? There are many ways to help support your local humane society or rescue shelter in addition to bringing a new companion into your life, and any help you can offer is always appreciated.

Here are five ways you can give back to your local animal shelter.

1.  Volunteer

Volunteering at a shelter is often a simple way to give back to those organizations that do so much for those animals in need of help. Even if you only have a small amount of time to give, any time spent volunteering can help ease the staffing burden of your local shelter. Volunteers are also often needed for things like transporting animals to new homes, so even if it’s only for a few hours a week, consider making some time to help!

2. Donate

Another great way to help is by making a direct donation to a shelter or rescue program. That being said, a donation doesn’t always have to be money. Get in contact with your local humane society and see if there are any commonly used items they need. Things such as leashes, food, and cleaning supplies are always appreciated.
3. Offer Your Own Services

All of us have our lives and busy schedules, but if you are looking to give something back to a shelter, reach out to them see if any of your skills could be of use to them. Are you an
accountant for your day job? See if they could use some help with their finances! A photographer? Offer to take some photos for use in adoption materials! Have an interest in graphic design or writing? Ask to write or design a promotional piece to help raise awareness! There are many ways we can use our everyday skills to benefit non-profit volunteer based organizations, and they often are in need of such skilled volunteer work.

4. Foster a Pet

If you don’t have time to bring a new companion into your life, perhaps you have room to help foster a temporary one! By opening your home to a foster animal for a few days, weeks, or months, you free up valuable space for the shelter to help out more animals. Plus, many shelters can help pay for medical expenses for your new temporary house-guest. Sometimes they even help cover the cost of food and other supplies.

5. Spread the Word

Helping spread awareness about adoption can be a valuable way to give back to rescue organizations. Use social media to share postings about adoptable animals or things the humane society might need. Talk to others in your social circles about what they can do to help find deserving animals new homes. Use Twitter or Facebook to engage others in discussions about adoption. By leveraging the power of your social media connections, you can help shine a light on the tireless efforts of those who work hard to bring animals to new homes.

What ways are you thinking about giving back to your local shelter? Tell us in the comments below!

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