Unlikely Friendships: The Cutest Mismatched Animal Pairs

Meet Fern the bunny and Kiggy the cat; siblings by adoption, friends by choice. Barely three months apart in age, my girls have grown up together and become the oddest pair over the years. Moments are few and far between where they aren’t snuggling, grooming each other, racing around, or otherwise terrorizing my apartment together. Fern isn’t caged like most […]

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Love Your Cat’s Claws: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Declaw Your Cat

We’ve all had that experience: Whiskers starts digging their claws into the brand new sofa and now there are scratch marks all over it. Some people spray them with water or say, “No,” in a firm tone to have them understand the consequences. However, there are some owners who start considering declawing their cat. From what I’ve seen, many pet […]

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