10 Cats That Just Don’t Get It

If you type into a search engine “funny” the suggestion list that appears will most likely have “funny cat” as one of the top searches. Cats love to be lazy and relax but they are also very curious. That curiosity sometimes leads to strange situations.

Here are 10 cats that just don’t get it.

1. “How do you solve this thing?”

2. “What is on my head?!”

3. “I have made a grave error in judgement.”

4. “I think we’re out of Kleenex!”

5. “Um, guys, what is in the tub?!”

6. “Please don’t let him see me.”

7. “This isn’t as fun as it looked…”

8. “Uh, what do you mean I can’t have coffee?”

9. “But seriously, it’s not funny guys.”

10. “I GOT IT! Now what?”

What do you think of these cats? Have you ever seen a cat in a hilarious situation? Comment below and let us know!

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