If Dogs Could Write: What Zola Would Say

One of the things I often find myself pondering is the life my rescue dog, Zola, had before she found her forever home with us. The only piece of certain information we have is that she came from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. We don’t know whether she was a street pup, was dropped off by a family who could no longer care for her, or any other possibility. I also imagine what her mom looked like, if she had a name, and what she would think about her daughter’s current situation. I’d like to believe she would be thrilled to learn of Zola’s new family, everyday activities and adventures. In light of these thoughts, this week, I used my imagination to draft what, and how, Zola would write a letter to her birth mother, if she could.

img_8813Dear Mom,

I miss you so much. I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve been living on Central Park West in Manhattan! I know you’ve never been here, but I hope you can come visit me someday. You would love my new family. I have an older pup brother, he’s fourteen and his name is Pinocchio. He doesn’t hear well anymore, and it’s my job to alert him whenever it’s time to eat, go on a walk, or when my parents come home! I make sure he never misses out on anything.

As for my new parents, I think you’d love them! They let me sleep on the couches, on the windowsill, in my dog bed, and even in their big bed! The last one is my personal favorite, because I can sleep on their pillow and snuggle up really close to their heads. That way, I can protect them as they sleep! I have two older human siblings, too. My sister, Nora, is my best friend. When she’s home, we cuddle on the couch for hours on end. She gives me treats, rubs my belly, and gives me kisses. My brother, Mel, is really funny. When he lays down on the couch, he likes it when I join him and curl up on his chest.

Every day, I go on at least three walks! We live right across from the park, and in the morning, Pino and I can walk run, and explore off-leash! That shows how much I love my parents, and how much they trust me. I would never, ever run away from them! I have so many puppy friends, and I see them all every day! My best friend is a Shiba Inu named Zoro! We have so much fun together. Sometimes, my friends even come over to our apartment and we have playdates.

img_7893On the weekends, we take the car, and we drive two hours upstate to our weekend house. I love being there so much. From the couch in the living room, I love to watch and bark at the wildlife in the yard. We go on hikes, and there are so many new and interesting smells, it’s almost overwhelming! I have so many toys in both the city and upstate, I could start a collection.

My life is so different and so much better than it was in that scary shelter in Tennessee. I am so grateful and happy to have found my forever home, and I know for certain that I will be loved, cherished, and cared for, for the rest of my life! I hope you’re doing well, Mom.

Love and puppy kisses,


If you could write a letter to your pup, what would it say? Let us know in the comments below!

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