10 Pawesome Jackets for Your Pup

Even if your pup has the thickest, luscious locks imaginable, he or she will certainly still feel and shiver in this harsh winter weather. There are countless dog jackets, sweaters, and coats on the market, and it’s far too easy to become overwhelmed by the options available. We’re here to help you out!

Here are 10 of the best puppy-jackets available!

  1. Great White North by ChillyDog: This coat is stylish, waterproof, warm, and is easy to put on! As a bonus, when placing an order, you can specify the breed and dimensions of your pup in order to make sure the coat fits perfectly. This coat comes in seven beautiful color combinations, and is sure to rake in even more compliments for your best furry friend.
  2. Everest Explorer Vest by CanadaPooch: If your pup is a fashionista, this coat will perfectly serve the dual function of a stunning fashion statement and a barrier against the cold. It comes in four flattering colors, and many sizes. The faux fur-lined hood will even keep your dog’s ears warm, which we all know is oh so important!
  3. dog jacketUltimate Warmer by Hurtta: As it’s name suggests, this coat is one of the warmest, most insulating dog jackets on the market. With this coat, your dog will be able to run in style and warmth, and thoroughly enjoy his or her time outside in the blistering cold. This coat even comes with leg straps that keep the jacket in place as your pup runs in utter bliss.
  4. Reversible Puffer Jacket by Purplebone: All well-versed shopping fanatics will tell you that reversible items of clothing are the way to go, and this jacket confirms this idea. In both navy and red, this jacket is absolutely adorable, and will keep your pup cozy and warm on those cold walks. As an added bonus, this jacket is very easy to clean!
  5. Kensington Trench Coat by Baker & Bray: Trench coats will always be fashionable, and investing in this adorable pup jacket will certainly pay off. Not only will your dog be protected from the elements, but everyone on the street will stop to pay both you and your furry friend countless compliments! You and your pup will strut down the streets in style with this jacket.
  6. Loft Dog Jacket by Kurgo: This coat is colorful, waterproof, lightweight, and warm. What more could your best furry friend ask for? This jacket is made from rugged MicrotomicTM Ripstop material, and will work beautifully in both city and country environments.
  7. dog jacketsWhistler Zipline V2 by RCPets: This is a personal favorite, because my dog, Zola, has an extremely large barrel-shaped chest so I am too familiar with the struggle of trying to find the perfect coat for her. For anyone else facing this dilemma, I highly recommend this warm, fashionable, affordable option!
  8. Quinzee by Ruffwear: The synthetic insulation in this jacket will provide your pooch with lots of warmth throughout the winter months. My personal favorite aspect of this jacket is its reflectiveness! This will let cars see your dog, and therefore adds an extra layer of safety to your pup’s life.
  9. Custom Dog Winter Coat by K9 Apparel: This is, quite literally, a dream come true. Dog jackets are often a hit or miss, but this option will fit your pup like a glove, and will keep them super warm along the way. This is definitely on the higher end of pooch apparel, but certainly an investment to consider.
  10. Snow Angel Coat by Blue Willow Dog Coats: With three protective layers, this coat is extremely warm as well as beautifully flattering. In addition, these jackets are custom-made to order, so they will fit your pup absolutely perfectly! What more could you, or your furry friend, ask for?

Does your pup already have a coat or jacket for the winter? If so, let us know what brand and style in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: David Goehring (modified)

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