Turning Homeless Dogs into Starz: PupStarz Rescue

Today is Featured Rescue Friday, where we help you learn about and get to know an amazing rescue organization! This week, we’re extremely pleased to focus on and share PupStarz Rescue!

In February 2014, Mel, Rachel, Constance, and Robyn met while volunteering at a different rescue and, as a result of their passion for helping animals, decided to start a rescue of their own. This marked the creation of PupStarz Rescue, a “no-kill, volunteer dog rescue.” Three years later, this monumental decision has saved 700 innocent lives (533 of which were in this past year alone)!

A few of the adorable dogs PupStarz has saved

A few of the adorable dogs PupStarz has saved

Many dogs rescued by PupStarz are seniors and medical cases pulled from high-kill shelters such as Animal Care and Control in New York City, abusive owners, and less-than-fortunate home situations. PupStarz does not discriminate or turn down dogs, “regardless of age, breed, temperament, or a potential difficult placement.”

After being rescued, “Starz” receive proper veterinary care, are spayed/neutered, and microchipped. The next step, as PupStarz does not have a shelter, is a foster home. In these foster homes, “Starz” await their adoption into a forever home.

In order to ensure that “Starz” end up in the best possible home and situation, PupStarz conducts thorough interviews and pays special attention to creating appropriate matches. Further, PupStarz makes certain that prospective adopters are educated about the various responsibilities that come with adopting a furry friend. After the adoption takes place, PupStarz does a remarkable job of remaining available and open to any potential questions in order to make the transition as easy as possible and to ensure adopters have the resources to provide a life-long home to their new pet.

Out of the many lives that have been saved, Mel, a Co-Founder of PupStarz Rescue, movingly recounted one of the most memorable rescue missions that she was a part of:

We have a couple monumental ones over the years but I will tell you about the first dog we received that opened my eyes to a true rescue!

Kyle and Ripley when they were rescued

Ripley when she was rescued

December 2015 we were contacted about a dog that needed re-homing because the owner was moving.  The dog was named Kyle and was a purebred English Bulldog.  Days before we went to pick up the dog, the owner had called me saying that she also had a Pit Bull named Ripley that the neighbor was supposed to take but would not because of her skin condition.  At that point, it was asked that we take both dogs.  I’ll never forget picking up those dogs. My rescue partner and I drove up to the Bronx at 10pm on a rainy night to find both dogs very neglected.  Kyle was 20 pounds underweight.  Ripley was in very bad shape. She was emaciated, had pressure wounds all over her body from confinement, little to no hair, inflamed skin, ear infections, and the list goes on. I’ll never forget seeing her. She was wearing a mens white t-shirt to hide her skin and bones.  They were making her walk down a flight of stairs as she was tripping on her t-shirt.

Kyle and Ripley nursed back to health!

Ripley with her new brother!

We carried both dogs down, never looking back. Once we got to the bottom, both were drinking as much as they could from puddles the rain had formed.

Once in our care, Kyle put on weight very fast and looked amazing!  He was adopted out within a couple weeks to a great couple who loves him very much. Ripley took a lot longer to rehab.  Months later, she looked like a normal dog ready to live her life.

Ripley sparked our interest in helping those in need of medical care.  We pull many dogs from ACC now that require very expensive and extensive medical care. We love doing it and seeing what a difference it makes in the dogs lives!


One of the most beneficial actions you, as a pet owner, can take, is to spay or neuter your pet. As Mel explains, every single day, hundreds and hundreds of animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it!) are euthanized due to overcrowding in shelters.

As you can tell, adopting and supporting amazing rescue organizations such as PupStarz Rescue is extremely important, and has a profound impact on so many lives. If you are interested in donating to this wonderful cause, click here. To stay informed about the latest PupStarz news, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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