Fact or Fiction: 10 Myths About Cats Debunked

cat myths debunked

One of these things is not like the others:

  • Cats always land on their feet.
  • Cats use their whiskers as feelers for their surroundings.
  • Cats cannot get rabies.

Answer: Cats use their whiskers as feelers for their surroundings. The other two statements are false.

Ever since the time of the Egyptians who worshipped cats, we have had myths circulate about the arcane creatures. So what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to cats?

Here are 10 myths about felines, debunked!

cat myths debunked1. Cats have nine lives. The fact is that cats have one life just like we do. Due to their resilience and how they seem to be able to survive anything–like falls from high points– as well as Egyptian beliefs, people have come to think that cats might have nine lives.

2. Cats should drink milk every day. Cats like milk, sure but they don’t necessarily need it. Some cats even develop an intolerance; drinking milk can result in upset tummies and diarrhea.

3. Cats that are spayed/neutered will immediately gain weight. Cats can gain weight from eating too much or not getting enough exercise, or even a combination of the two. However, getting your cat spayed or neutered doesn’t automatically mean they are going to gain weight.

4. Cats will always land on their feet. Cats instinctively fall feet first, but just because they land on their feet doesn’t mean they are unscathed. In the process of landing, they can break their bones if they survive a high fall.

cat myths debunked5. Cats cannot get rabies. Warm blooded mammals (i.e. skunks, cats, bats, and ferrets) can get rabies, so it’s important that your cats are vaccinated.

6. Indoor cats can’t get diseases. We can track organisms and bacteria into the house, and even the most house bound cat will get outside eventually and be exposed to diseases and contact with the feces of other animals.

7. Pregnant women can’t live with cats. While it’s true that inhaling the dust from kitty litter is harmful to pregnant women, as long as they have someone to clean out the litter box, an expectant mother won’t have to stop living with her cat.

cat myths debunked8. Cats are nocturnal. Cats are more active at twilight and due to the construction of their eyes, they can see a lot better in low light for their hunting.

9. Black cats are bad luck. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about cats. The only unlucky thing about black cats is being owned by someone with a bad allergy to cats. Felines with darker fur typically produce a higher amount of allergen compared to lighter colored cats.

10. Cats keep their balance with their whiskers. Cat whiskers act more as feelers than a way to keep their balance. Since cats can’t see very well in complete darkness, their whiskers help them navigate.

What are some myths/misconceptions you’ve heard about cats? Are there any that didn’t make it onto this list? Let us know in the comments!

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