5 Ways to Keep Indoor Cats Active

It’s very common for people to keep their cats indoors. However, an indoor cat is more likely to nap in the sun than to entertain itself. Ever wonder why your cat is always knocking things off your counters and climbing up to where it shouldn’t be? Your kitty is bored!

Cats need exercise just like dogs; they just like different games. Here are a five easy ways to keep your kitty active indoors:

1. One-on-One

This one is a little obvious. Cats like to be engaged and challenged. By playing with them, you create a good interactive experience they can’t quite get on their own. You should be playing with your cat at least once a day for several minutes. It’s not only going to keep your cat active and happy, but it’s a good bonding experience as well.

5 Ways to Keep Indoor Cats Active

2. Solo Toys

For when you can’t spare the time to play with your cat, consider buying a toy the cat can interact with on his or her own. These are the types of toys that can be left out such as balls, mice, or dangling objects. This type of play should not completely replace one-on-one play with your kitty, but it is a good substitute. It will keep your cat occupied enough to stave off boredom.

3. Leash Training

Much like dogs, cats can be walked on leashes, but it is a little harder to get them trained. Once you do, it will be nice to take your cat outside for a walk in the grass and to play with leaves outside. Fresh air will be good for your kitty. Plus, there are plenty of moving objects to play with! Make sure you get a well-fitted harness and get your cat used to it. Then you are ready for the outdoors!

4. Windows

Another good way to keep your cat’s mind active is to let them have access to at least one window. Having 5 Ways to Keep Indoor Cats Activea kitty ledge or tabletop by a window so your cat can see outside will make your cat’s inner predator very happy! Things are constantly moving outside, so your cat’s mind stays active as it watches the birds and other animals run around.

5. Food Games

Adding food to your games provides a good incentive for your cat to get active. Try hiding food in obstacles or in specific toys and watch your kitty try to find it! There are toys that dispense food for cats or you could hide the food around your house. This game will help your cat feel the joys of hunting without creating a mess for you to clean up.

Indoor cats have less around them to keep them active. By taking the steps to engage them, you will keep your cat engaged and healthy!

How do you keep your cat active? Share in the comments!

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  • Kody Loveless

    I like the idea of having a cat ledge on my window. I think it is a great idea to let the cat look outside and see all the birds flying outside. I bet my cat would love it. She is always trying to chase birds when I let her outside.

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